Sustainability Balanced Scorecard

The method Balanced Scorecard was used to build a company-wide management-system which facilitates an easy communication and a focused and controllable implementation of the defined strategies (strategies for the company, business segments and defined areas of knowledge). The aspect of sustainability was strongly emphasized.

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In actual business practice, companies often face the problem of having strategies that are not formulated in operational terms and thus are usually not implemented. The project "ÖBf Sustainability Balanced Scorecard" utilized - based on the company's strategy the "Balanced Scorecard" method to support the implementation of the overall corporate strategy and the strategies of the business units, fields of knowledge and operating units and to render this implementation controllable. Sustainability is interpreted here in an economic, ecological, and societal sense and is implemented in a balanced manner.

Sustainability Balanced Scorecards (SBSCs) were created dominantly in workshops for all operating units on the basis of the overall company strategy:

  • SBSCs for 10 strategic business fields: Wood Supply, Forestry Technologies, Hunting & Fishing, Tourism/Real Estate, Water/Soil, Renewable Energy, Domestic & Foreign Forestry Services, Nature Area Management and Consulting
  • SBSCs for 3 fields of expertise: Third-Party Forest Rights, Forestry Engineering, Protection of Nature and the Environment
  • SBSCs for 12 forestry enterprises and
  • SBSCs for 2 national park enterprises

To assure the sustained benefits of the SBSCs, the control instruments already in place were adjusted and amended as needed, and supplementary measuring tools for customer- and employee-satisfaction, media coverage, recreational offerings and the intensity of research activities have been developed. The MBO-system now also reflects aspects of sustainability.

The SBSCs are already in use in the strategy review and in operational budgeting to assure integrated strategic and operational controls. Beyond these measures an "on-the-job training" approach was taken in the carefully planned steps for disseminating and using the SBSCs, thus assuring a broad transfer of expertise for the organization.

This project has resulted in a strategic control system that Österreichische Bundesforste can use consistently throughout the company, down to the individual decentralized units. It will make it easier for ÖBf to achieve the strategic objectives set down in the internal strategy program "Horizon 2010" in all three dimensions of sustainability: economy, ecology and society.

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