SKIN - Concept for a product service system in the area of surface treatment

Development of a concept for a product service system (PSS) in the area of surface treatment (varnish, laquer, paint). Instead of selling varnish and pain, the service of surface treatment (per square meter) should be developed for private and commercial users.

Short Description




The main objective of the project is the development of a concept for a product service system for private and commercial users. Consequently the project proposal offers a double benefit in the sense of the factory of tomorrow framework (Product Service Sytems + renewable resources).

The co-operation of the undersigned project partners guarantees both, branched experience on the one hand, and the scientific and methodological know-how and profound international experience on the other hand.

The target groups are going to be involved in the project from the very beginning as well as potential providers.

Step by step the project will be developed: final research concerning the project relevant parameters will lead to market analysis of the PSS. On this basis PSS-ideas will be generated, possible scenarios visualized. The acceptance of the described scenarios will be investigated. Finally an action plan for the implementation of a pilot projects will be presented.

Thus the project proposal considers also some other criteria for sustainable development such as resource efficiency safety aspects and a relevant reduction of toxic emissions. On top of this aspects is the expected increase of jobs through new business opportunities.

The benefit of the project is multifold:

The quality of the surface preparation could be increased, increasing the resource efficiency. The product quality would be higher due to the use of natural colours with an adequate know how. Medium term new companies could be funded, new jobs created.

Project Partners

Project management

Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT , Centre for Appropriate Technology
University for Technology Vienna

Project or cooperation partner

  • Dr. Rudolf Schöffmann und Franz Hawle
    AURO Austria

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University for Technology Vienna
GrAT, Centre for Appropriate Technology
Dr. Robert Wimmer
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1040 Vienna, Austria
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