Market oriented sustainable ROI-Contracting

Concept for launching of a new business unit or an independent ROI-Contracting Consulting with effects on sustainable development.

Short Description

The concept is to investigate the basic feasibility of sustainable ROI Contracting respectively to bring together different results for the preparation of demo projects with key customers. Before sustainable ROI Contracting actually will become an effective instrument of Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility),it requires overcoming of implementing- and acceptance problems.

The economical development forces enterprises to reduce costs. The reasons are decreasing incomes, breaking in of revenues and increasing prices of raw- material, and energy. The executed management measures are often focussed only at the matter of expenses of suppliers and personnel, although in the improvement of technologies and thus in the reduction of energy- and material costs offer substantial savings and innovation-potential. However, additional investments are necessary to replace conventional technologies and procedures or to modernize existing plants. A problem-solution would be the employment of ROI (Return on Investment) Contracting.

The systemic approach of sustainable ROI Contracting contains not only the employment of the state of the art (Best Available Technique, BAT), but also the promotion of new arising innovative technologies (emerging technologies), which corresponds better to the sustainability criteria.

The application of the "ROI Contracting" model corresponds even more to a success-referred and sustainable utilization of capital goods. It can be organized either as a strategic department with own profit responsibility or be transferred to an independent Consulting company. From the view of the customer a contracting company, which acts independently from a manufacturer of investment-goods, is regarded however as "more objectively".

The fundamental change from a product- to a service-provider society is nevertheless a lengthy transformation process with different obstacles and barriers, which are to be investigated in the context of this project.

Likewise it shall be examined whether by optimization of processes, know-how- networking and new forms of labour, ecological, economical and social improvements could be achieved. With the utilization of machineries, plants, procedures and processes, preventive measures are sized in order to obtain a social and economic "prosperity".

A priority goal is to determine whether the employment of sustainable ROI -Contracting is feasible in connection with new innovative technologies (emerging technologies), - for example by the Maklad-technology (innovative Direct-Steam-Injector) -; and if so, will it contribute substantially to the diffusion-strategy of Sustainability. In the case of the Maklad-technology, the sustainability effects (Triple Bottom Line Approach - economics, ecology & social) will be pointed out.



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