Documentary Film "Factory of Tomorrow"

The documentary film for ORF/ 3sat and Bayern alpha-TV draws the picture of a sustainable industrial world in the future. Fascinating pioneer projects of the Austrian Program on Technologies for Sustainable Development, Program "Factory of Tomorrow", will be presented.

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Future World. The 45-minute television documentary presents the concept of a "Factory of Tomorrow" and guides us through the fascinating future world of a sustainable clean industry. In times when climate change and the limitation of non-renewable resources are becoming a concern to the public and challenging the research community, energy efficient technologies and production processes have become more important than ever. The film focuses primarily on how energy efficient production makes use of new technologies, renewable energy and renewable raw materials, without polluting the environment, avoiding wastage.

Groundbreaking Research. Pioneer projects such as the "Green Bioraffinery" are followed over the course of several months, and experts are interviewed. Additionally, several other completed groundbreaking projects and their results are presented in the documentary. The picture that comes to our minds when we hear the word factory - a brick building with chimneys and wastewater pipes - has not changed since the industrial revolution. But, the "Factory of Tomorrow" does not describe a single building, rather, the smart combination of different ideas and developments. The main interest of the science documentary is to gather, present and spread those research and development ideas and by this create an informative and yet fascinating and highly professional film. The documentary film gives an account of groundbreaking developments in research, shows what steps need to be taken today and creates a future scenario of a sustainably producing industry.

Spreading the idea. The film "Factory of Tomorrow" should pick up on the overwhelming success of the previous films "The Building of Tomorrow. Bauen mit Hausverstand" (BMVIT, ORF 2005) and "Energy 2050. The Dawn of a New Era" (BMVIT, ORF, scheduled Oct. 2009). For the first time, groundbreaking technologies and results from the BMVIT-program "Factory of Tomorrow" are presented to a large audience. The 45-minute-documentary film will be shown on ORF/3sat and BRalpha. Additionally, a trailer of the film and a copy on DVD - in English and German language - will be produced. The DVDs will be made available through the BMVIT-homepage.

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Mag. Claudia Giczy

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  • ORF/ 3sat
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