Development of a Performance- and Risk-Management-Concept for Sustainable Supply Chain Networks

The target of this project is to develop a specific performance and risk-management concept for companies in sustainable supply chain networks. By using this concept the involved companies will be able to reduce various risks and have more success with sustainable development.

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Many enterprises do not know the impact of sustainable development for their success. The main reason for this lies often in the occurring short-term orientation on purely financial tar-gets. Furthermore, we could assert that there is a deficit on instruments, methods and concepts that visualize companies the concrete economic and ecologic advantages of a sustainable enterprise development. So, only if it is possible to design, measure and evaluate the sustainable development and show the contribution to an enterprise´ performance, enterprises would voluntarily foster ecologic and social targets besides of economic targets.

To solve this problem, we have developed a concept that assists enterprises in integrated planning, steering, controlling and evaluating the specific sustainable development within this scientific project. Therefore, we propose the development and use of a sustainable supply chain network. With the implementation of such a comprehending performance- and risk management-concept it is possible to gain economical and ecological advantages simultaneously. To support the development and running of sustainable supply chain networks a certain tool, which we call ECOPERIMA-Tool, should be used. This tool assists enterprises from the decision-making process up to the implementation of measures in production and logistics, by offering economic, ecologic and risk-specific information to plan and steer the value creating processes.

To reach our project goals a special methodology was required. For the information retrieval, we have sighted and evaluate the accessible hitherto and newer project relevant literature. This literature research and evaluation was the fundament for formulating our specific research questions that we discussed with professionals from science and practise, within workshops, technical discussions and conferences. To get also project relevant business information and business data, we interviewed interested companies, out of different industries.

Hence, we got connotatively perceptions about the functional range and potential benefits of such a performance- and risk-management-concept. In this connection, we detected and analysed the gaps in science and practice. Based on the provided information and our cognitions, we have verified with interested enterprises possibilities, to improve simultaneously or sequential the companies economical performance by using ecological measures. All collected data and information have been bundled to a comprehensive integrated performance- and risk management concept.

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  • Industriestiftungsinstitut eBusiness der Universität Klagenfurt
    Rektor o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Heinrich C. Mayr
  • addIT Dienstleistungen GesmbH & Co KG
    Mag. Christian Bischof
  • Firma Kruschitz GmbH
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  • Firma Weissenseer Holz-Systembau GmbH
    Christof Müller
  • Firma Wild GmbH
    Ing. Ferdinand Hassler

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