Development of a holistic valuation of enterprise-activities for sustainability and field test in leading industrial companies - InaBe

The development of a holistic model comprising method and instrument to evaluate ac-tivities from companies in context with sustainable development by integrating objective and subjective view.

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Companies that operate in a way that protects the environment and keeps a high level of public acceptance are in the long run economically more successful. But not only the status quo is important. Sustainable corporate development means recognizing future risks and opportunities in the ecological and societal environment. One the one hand, this knowledge enables the management to prepare the company for these challenges. On the other hand, the company can communicate that it takes over responsibility for the future.


The target of the project is to create a feasible check that analyses the direction of the future development of a company. This is being done in two ways:

The CEO and the management team identify the priorities in all areas of sustainable development.

The management team assess the effects of the most important activities on an aggregated level. The results are compared with the detailed findings of the probable changes of single parameters that are triggered by individual measures about to be taken.

The company derives two benefits from this procedure:

Operative benefit: A holistic approach analyses the direction a company is about to take with its planned activities and measures. If the direction corresponds to the guiding vision, the strategic planning is confirmed. Deviations from the plan might be due to cumulated side effects. If this is the case, a correction of the strategy and the planned measures is required.

Analysing the effects of every measure and activity in all aspects of sustainability fosters holistic thinking. The effects of planned actions on ecology, economy and society are checked against the aims of the company.

Benefits for corporate responsibility: The company gains new insight into their relation towards a sustainable societal development. The aims of the company are being analysed in all areas that are relevant to sustainability. This leads to a shared understanding of sustainability among the participants.

Knowledge about the relation of existing aims and activities towards sustainable development makes it easier to position the company on the market and offers arguments for the communication with public administration an citizens. The project provides necessary qualitative and quantitative information, which can be publicised in sustainability reports.


The check can easily be repeated time after time. This enables an illustration of the progress of the company in the different areas of sustainability.

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