Apple & pear cascade: more value added in the Mostviertel region through bio-cascading

Creating a concept for the bio-cascading of apple and pear pomace in the Mostviertel region for an increased value added through innovative local products. Development of strategies for the implementation of a pilot plant.

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The use of apple and pear pomace has been rather limited in Austria. Seeing that more than 1,000 tonnes of such pomace is produced every year in the Mostviertel region alone, the high potential for using this by-product is evident. In fact, the cultivation of pipfruit plays an important part in the Mostviertel. Research has shown that using the by-product would add great value to the raw material and would be in line with Biocascading.

The goal of the Äpfel & Birnen Cascade thus is:

  • To conduct complementary research on resource properties, availability and possible processing technologies.
  • To determine both the market potential and venues.
  • To design a marketing concept for selected and distinctive product samples.
  • To draw up a rough concept for the implementation of the results in a demonstration plant.

The first step in the project was to do conplementary research and tests on a small scale to determine the properties, availability and possible processing technologies of the resources. Next, the market potential was determined by means of market and competitor analysis, including internet research, requests to vendors, expert interviews and surveys of potential target markets. Product samples were then designed, which underwent consumer testing and assessment. The purpose of this was to design possible product lines, which are to be promoted in the Mostviertel region. The identified procedures for preserving the pomace and for extracting the seeds underwent further testing, so as to create a procedure chain for future demonstration plants. For this purpose, various profitability scenarios were created, including small-scale fruit industries. These are faced with specific logistic challenges in the Mostviertel region.

The procedures tested during the project, the market analyses, as well as the product concepts, revealed the feasibility of the local pomace usage.

The research shows a high potential for promoting pomace products in both the food and natural cosmetics industry, as well as the wellness sector. In addition, studies during the project showed that the facilities required are available in the region, and that implementing the Apple and Pear Cascade demonstration plant would require only minimal adjustments to the existing infrastructure.

Project Partners

Project management

Mag. Dr. Susanne Geissler, FH Wiener Neustadt, Wieselburg

Project or cooperation partner

  • Dipl.-Chem. Hanswerner Mackwitz
    alchemia nova
  • DI Josef Rathbauer
    BLT Wieselburg
  • Ing. Josef Breinesberger
  • Peter Rausch
    Nektar Naturkosmetik
  • Josef Zeiner
    Genossenschaft Mostland

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