European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (erscp2008)

23. - 25. Sep 2008
Berlin, DE

Sustainable Housing and Construction in Europe, Supply Chain Management, Production and Resource Efficiency, Energy Supply and Consumption


The 12th European Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (erscp2008) is a three-day conference at the interface of science, industry, public authorities and politics. The overall goals of the international meeting are to facilitate innovations and to promote sustainable consumption and production by challenging participants' projects, ideas and approaches and by stimulating debate regarding their contribution to sustainable development. Best-practice examples are shared, solution-driven opportunities are explored and joint projects are initiated.

The conference will be part of the 5th BMBF-Forum for Sustainability held in Berlin in September 2008 and will provide time and space for an exchange of ideas between actors from politics, science, and industry and services.


The main issues of erscp2008 are:

  • Sustainable Housing and Construction in Europe
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Production and Resource Efficiency
  • Sustainable Energy Supply and Consumption

Detailed programme on the conference website.


The conference is expected to attract approx. 300 international participants, including:

  • SMEs (small and medium enterprises)
  • Scientists and researchers from research organisations, universities and industry
  • Decision makers from UN Organisations, i.e. UNEP, UNIDO
  • Decision makers from EU Commission and related agencies
  • Decision makers from national and regional ministries and administrations
  • Private and public funding institutions
  • Press and media


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