Towards plus-energy neighborhoods (folder)

The newly published info folder provides an overview of technologies and subsystems for positive energy districts and provides explanations as to which strategic goals are being pursued with the "City of the Future" programme in the direction of plus-energy neighbourhoods.

Publisher: BMVIT
English, 1 pages

Content Description

The Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) is pursuing the mission of "City of the Future" to enable the implementation of plus-energy neighborhoods through the research and development of urban technologies, technological systems and services as well as digitalisation.

The booklet serves as a guide when it comes to identifying ways for plus-energy neighbourhoods. The focus is on innovative technologies and concepts for energy generation, distribution, conversion and storage, but also on the optimization of consumption in buildings or building associations as well as technologies and efficiency in new construction and renovation.

A plus energy district (PED) or neighbourhood ...

  • aims for a positive annual energy balance
  • uses renewable energy, sector coupling and energy flexibility
  • is network compatible, improves grid operation and makes an essential contribution to the renewable energy system
  • includes several buildings and uses synergies of mixed uses
  • strives for the highest possible building quality for new construction and renovation
  • achieves a high level of energy direct-use or power grid injection
  • uses sustainable business models for buildings, energy efficiency and renewable energy production and usage