vilFIT – Villach Fit 4 Urban Mission

In this project, measures, strategies and the necessary capacity building for achieving climate neutrality in the city of Villach will be advanced. The focus will be on social and structural innovations (participation processes, development of pilot initiatives, public relations, etc.) as well as the definition of networks and structures or controlling and monitoring instruments.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

Being the largest "e5" municipality of gold status standing in Austria, the city of Villach has already developed a solid base in the field of climate and environmental protection. Villach has also built a strong national network by its membership in the Austrian Association of Cities, the Smart City Platform and the Green Tech Cluster. By several public participation processes (including the FFG-funded project "Smart City Villach"), Villach has drafted various strategic documents. The motivation in this project is to accelerate their implementation and to surmount the barriers in the latter.

Contents and goals

The aim of the R&D service according to tender is to prepare Austrian cities for developing strategies, measures and the necessary capacity building to achieve climate neutrality. The transformation process towards climate neutrality is based on three principles: 

  1. a holistic approach to promoting innovation and development,
  2. a matrix of integrated and multi-level steering, and
  3. intensive and ongoing cooperation among all parties involved.


The project will drive existing measures and technologies into implementation. It encompasses the following main innovations: involvement of the public by social innovation through person-/target-group-specific communication processes. A holistic approach is employed, in order to prevent climate action entailing a deterioration of other sustainability indicators.

The city of Villach offers municipal solution packages for individual climate measures accorded with actual demand. In the participation process, key activity areas are identified, and coordinators and ambassadors are appointed for them, focusing on each area, pushing project ideas and disseminating key subjects. Artists and cultural workers will be also encouraged to take part in and to promote climate action.

Expected results

At the end of the project, the Structure and Capacity Plan, the respective Strategies and cooperation partners as well as the personal networks are available, as the basis for a prospective participation of Villach in the Urban Mission of Horizon Europe.

Participation in the tenders of the European Commission for the "100 Climate neutral Cities by 2030" with strategic / operational stakeholders of the project is discussed. A "local commitment" is envisaged, arranged upon the EC Urban Mission criteria and signed by the stakeholders involved.

Project Partners

Project management

City of Villach

Project or cooperation partners

  • Ressourcen Management Agentur (RMA)
  • smartwärts e.U.

Contact Address

Stadt Villach
MMag.a Ursula Lackner
Rathausplatz 1
A-9500 Villach
Tel.: +43 (4242) 205 4012