Urban cooling demand in Austria 2030/2050 (UKÖ 2030/2050)

Systematic processing of the increasing cooling demand and presentation of the geographical location of the cooling demand in Austria. The result serves as a decision-making aid for the development of climate protection measures and climate change adaptation strategies as well as an estimate of future cooling demand.

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There is - worldwide and in Austria - a significantly increasing demand for building cooling. This is driven by a combination of increasing prosperity, urbanisation, demographic developments and, not least, climate change. At the same time, and this is the background to the call for the R&D service in question, the current state of knowledge is not yet sufficient to derive concrete conclusions for politics and administration or to initiate technological innovations.

Contents and goals

In accordance with the call for tenders, the project objective is therefore, firstly, to present and quantify the future cooling demand of buildings and neighbourhoods in Austria, secondly, to support decision-makers in the development of climate protection measures and climate change adaptation strategies, and thirdly, to provide energy suppliers as well as technology and component manufacturers with an estimate of future cooling demand.


These goals are achieved by firstly, a systematic analysis of the formation factors of the increasing demand for cooling, secondly, a scenario-analysis of the cooling demand against the background of different climate scenarios, building structures and comfort demand levels, thirdly, a structured techno-economic technology analysis and fourthly, an exemplary application of the findings to five exemplary neighbourhoods

Expected Results

Meaningful, target group-specific conclusions and recommendations for action are developed from the results. In particular, the cooling demand scenarios will be translated into cooling demand maps.

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Institute of Building Research & Innovation ZT GmbH

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  • Vasko + Partner ZT-GmbH
  • BOKU Institute for Process and Energy Engineering (IVET)
  • BOKU Institute for Spatial Planning, Environmental Planning and Land Use Planning (IRUB)

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