SynENERGY - Energy optimised settlement development by making use of synergies of energy efficiency, spatial planning and building culture

SynENERGY aims at an innovative, holistic approach to urban district optimization. The project targets a comprehensive analysis of the framework and urban development concept which includes not only optimisation of sustainable energy supply and use but also increased material flows (construction and disposal) at urban district level.

Short Description




Starting point / motivation

Future sustainable urban development is characterised by an approach towards resource efficiency and resilience. Urban regions are focal points of resource consumption and emissions, cities define the need for space and infrastructure, products and services in the future.

In particular, sustainable energy use and resource efficiency has to primarily begin in the cities and needs to include all areas of energy planning as well as spatial, building and mobility planning and conception.

Urban planning increasingly requires integrative approaches and solutions to enable an innovative, resource-efficient and sustainable urban development which is viable for future requirements.

This integrative consideration of different aspects has so far been rarely paid attention to in the field of district development. Especially regarding urban development of small towns, energetic, spatial and social aspects have so far not been considered in a comprehensive and synergistic way. A significant challenge is the optimization at system level for optimum use of the synergy potentials of energy efficiency, spatial/urban planning and architecture under the premise of maximum user acceptance.

Contents and goals

The project addresses an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach in terms of resource efficient energy supply and use in urban areas. In this regard, it is necessary to precede a specific application reference/example for the development of an innovative city development concept where all relevant actors and interest coalitions are included in a comprehensive scope.

SynENERGY can thus be understood as a concrete case study / best practice example - the results are intended to be multipliable for future district developments.

SynENERGY supports the use of synergies between different aspects of urban planning and district development which have hardly been combined so far and thereby creates a new design standard for urban district development concepts.

SynENERGY pursues 2 overall goals:

  • Development of a novel system design for an energy-optimized urban district in Weiz/Krottendorf with optimal synergy use of energy efficiency, space planning and architectural culture under achieving maximised conservation of resources.
  • Design of the "SynENERGIE method set": specific methods for replicability on other applications on the basis of specific aspects and outcomes of SynENERGIE case study


SynENERGY differs from previous approaches and relies on the knowledge of comparative projects and the project team to optimally meet current needs of development action and of know-how. By a holistic and integrative systems approach, synergy potentials of energy efficiency, spatial/urban planning and architecture should be optimally utilised. With its optimised urban district development approach, SynENERGY significantly contributes to further development of the state of the art.

Expected results

SynENERGY aims at:

  • New system design/development concept for a concrete best practice urban district in Weiz/Krottendorf with maximum synergy of energy efficiency, planning and building culture
  • Multidimensional energy concept of the urban district by optimisation of energy, spatial, structural and social resources as well as closed energy and material circles
  • Innovative and specific concept in terms of methods for the subsequent implementation of the planned urban development concept
  • Compilation of multipliable and not multipliable methods of the design phase for other sustainable development projects ("SynENERGY tool kit")

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Weizer Energie- Innovations- Zentrum GmbH
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