REC-Businesspark - Investigation of the first Austrian renewable energy community business and industrial park

In the course of the project, the conceptual design of a zero-emission or plus-energy business park in Weiz with a focus on photovoltaics and fuel cells in combination with a Renewable Energy Community (E-EGe) will be carried out. By establishing the park on a "greenfield", all structures can be created according to the requirements of the E-EGe.

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Starting point / motivation

In order to achieve the European climate targets, the increased use of renewable energy sources is essential. Providing flexibility and digital interconnection in the field of energy supply is necessary to make use of their potentials. Buildings and building compounds are suitable for stabilizing the energy supply and will act as active nodes in decentralized energy systems of the future. Building compounds, such as business and industrial parks, which usually have above-average energy requirements, will play an important role for this purpose.

Contents and goals

The project "REC-(Renewable Energy Community-)Businesspark" is therefore dedicated to the conceptual design of a zero-emission or rather a plus-energy business park in the municipality of Weiz. The flagship project for innovative and environmentally friendly business and industrial parks is to be built on an area of 48,000 m² or 98,000 m², if a potential expansion area is taken into account.

All buildings built in the future should be designed in such a way that the business park is climate neutral in the annual balance of its electricity and heat supply. That means 0 % CO2 emissions and 100 % self-sufficiency in the energy supply of the business park. To achieve these ambitious goals, a combination of photovoltaics and fuel cells using a renewable energy community (E-EGe) is aspired, which is intelligently linked to each other by using a suitable control strategy.

The project "REC-Businesspark" aims to conceptualize Austria's first "Renewable Energy Community Business and Industrial Park". While the current discussion regarding E-EGe mainly relates to their implementation in existing structures, this project is dedicated to the development of a business park, whose energy supply concept is specifically tailored to the use of the E-EGe approach.

In addition to the consideration of the electrical power, which is currently the focus of the E-EGe discussion, the extension to other energy sources (heat, mobility, hydrogen etc.) should also be examined, since the Renewable Energy Directive II relates to renewable energy sources in general and does not explicitly address the electricity sector only.

In this context, the project can also provide essential inputs for later legislation. In addition, the E-EGe should not only be limited to the business park but should also be extended to the surrounding private households, to ensure that they will also benefit from the construction of the new business park.

Expected results

At the end of the exploratory study, an overall technical and economic concept for the business park in Weiz will be available and a guideline for the establishment of an E-EGe with focus on photovoltaics and hydrogen for a business park on the "green field" will be developed. This should serve as the foundation for a further implementation project.

Project Partners

Project management

Weizer Energie- Innovations- Zentrum GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • 4ward Energy Research GmbH
  • Reiterer & Scherling GmbH

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