Ice-storage NEW - New economical ice storage concept for optimized heat storage using heat pumps and peak use of wind power

Development of a technically and economically optimized new ice-storage concept as a thermal wind power peak storage and to improve the performance of heat pumps as a contribution for peak smoothing of the electrical load profile.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

Wind power is discontinuous, and wind current peaks can hardly be used in high winds. With the concept of "energy storage concrete" a small part of this untapped potential of renewable energy can be used up to now. This thermal storage potential would be even greater due to newly designed (and thus significantly more economical) ice-storage. It could be used as thermal storage not only for massive new buildings, but also in the light constructions and in the entire building stock.

The dominant form of new heating systems at present are the very inexpensive air/water heat pumps. At low outside temperatures, whose energy efficiency drops sharply. This creates an additional strong demand for electricity at exactly the time of the least supply of electricity from renewable energies (cold dark doldrums). This forces the electricity system to have large (and uneconomic) spare capacity.

Contents and goals

With the concept "Ice-storage NEW as thermal wind current peak storage" we want to offer an economically interesting option with it

  • previously unused wind current peaks can be thermally stored,
  • the performance of heat pump heaters can be improved and thus
  • the demand for electricity in the "winter gap" does not increase any further,
  • a sustainable "heat source" becomes available for WP heaters for all areas where neither earth probes nor groundwater use is possible,
  • but which can also be integrated into heating rooms as a (highly insulated) "plug-andplay" unit,
  • contributes to the peak smoothing of the electrical load profile.


  • Presentation of the current situation
  • Conception of the Ice-storage NEW with simulation calculations
  • Simulation of the integration of the Ice-storage NEW system into building and district energy concepts
  • Energy Economic Assessment

Expected results

With this requested exploratory project, we want to conceptualize an Ice-storage-tank NEW and not only prove the mentioned advantages, but also develop and point out technical ways for a producer of the Ice-storage-tank NEW in order to quickly reach real applications.

Project Partners

Project management

Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

TU-Vienna - Institute for Energy Systems and Electrical Drives (ESEA), Energy Economics Group (EEG)

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