Digital Twin / Building Tracker - Coupling of building simulation with a physical building in real time

The goal of the project ist o couple an office building during operation with its virtual twin, the "building tracker", which will be developed and applied for the first time within the project. Thanks to coupling of monitoring and simulation, innovative building energy management of nearly zero-energy building is possible.

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

In most cases, the energy demand of nearly zero energy buildings that was calculated during the planning phase, doesn't match the measured values during operation. A promising method to optimize the energy demand and the thermal comfort in the building is to couple real-time data from the building with a 'virtual twin' (a simulation environment capable of interacting with a building information management system - BIM).

Contents and goals

The goal of the project is to couple the Raiffeisen passive house high-rise building in Vienna during operation with its virtual twin (the 'Building Tracker' that is developed and applied to a real application for the first time within the project).

The actual energy demand as well as multiple influences such as weather, ambient temperature, interaction with heat networks, integration and use of renewable energy and last but not least user behavior will be monitored in real time. Improvements and possible reasons for energy gaps will be proposed in real time.

An innovative building energy management will make it possible, thanks to the coupling of monitoring and simulation with virtual sensors, to reach nearly zero energy buildings. Subsequently, the same principle can be applied to other buildings and whole urban districts.


  • Development of a 'Building Tracker' for the efficient operation of complex building services my means of coupling of dynamic building and system simulation in real-time.
  • Set-up of a digital twin of a test building coupled to the building via bidirectional data transfer
  • Optimum building performance using the 'Building Tracker' and continuous optimization of the control system with regard to energy demand and user comfort.

Expected results

  • Successful application of a building tracking system for the real-time optimization of building services in a real application
  • Reduction of energy consumption and improved user comfort

Project Images

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Project Partners

Project management

AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC)

Project or cooperation partners

  • EQUA Solutions AG
  • VASKO+PARTNER INGENIEURE Ziviltechniker für Bauwesen und Verfahrenstechnik GesmbH

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AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies (AEE INTEC)
Dagmar Jähnig
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