Build4Climate - Demonstration building with a climate room concept at the Innovation Quarter Lavanttal in Carinthia

A new train station is being built near the exit portal of the future Koralm railway tunnel in Carinthia, in connection with a CO2-neutral technology park. The innovative entrance building of the newly developed area will be implemented as a frontrunner with a 'climate room' concept based on thermal component activation and extensive use of renewable energy sources.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

On the Carinthian side of the Koralm railway tunnel near the Western tunnel portal, a future-oriented new quarter, the Innovation Quarter Lavanttal, is being built next to the new St. Paul train station in Lavanttal, with a CO2-neutral technology park. This unique opportunity is seized for the construction of future-oriented buildings and technologies within the quarter, in favour of the sustainable development of the Lavanttal region.

The entrance building of the area is intended to be a flagship project in terms of energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, user comfort and the integration of technologies such as component activation, which additionally turns the building into a storage facility for the energy grids or for local renewable energy.

Contents and goals

The aim is, on the one hand, to plan and build this building for various uses:

  • station arrival
  • orientation in the technology park
  • offices
  • meeting rooms
  • meeting areas

On the other hand, a multipliable climate room concept based on thermal component activation and coupling to a digital twin is to be developed and implement as an example.

An important task is to test the corresponding sensor technology and an associated monitoring system. In addition, the energy sources on site are used and their integration is an important research task. The component activation will be controlled by a heat pump in such a way that the building can be heated and cooled entirely CO2-neutral.


  • Survey of the energy supply potential for the demonstration building and integration into the local energy network of the Innovation Quarter Lavanttal and its neighbourhood
  • Development and use of energy sources on site (waste heat from the Koralm railway tunnel, geothermal heat from probes stabilizing the railway tracks, wind, solar energy, etc.) and their integration into the building services concept as an example for other buildings in the area and with similar design
  • Development of a multipliable, well-analysed and designed climate room concept based on component temperature control and the latest concrete and pipe technology
  • Coupling to a digital twin - the demonstration building serves as a learning example for BIM-based planning and implementation plus transfer of real data measurement to facility management, especially for the innovative technologies used here
  • Testing and learnings on the corresponding sensor technology and the associated monitoring system
  • Design and construction of the frontrunner building using all of the above analyses

Expected results

The demonstration project paves the way for buildings that optimize the use of activated concrete components as storage of volatile renewable energy sources without risking a loss of user comfort. These buildings are highly energy-efficient, offer the highest indoor air quality, use renewable energy sources and heat / cool the rooms in a most comfortable way.

The climate room concept shall be multiplied; it supports a sustainable energy transition. Compared to conventional buildings constructed in accordance with the national OIB-standards, the total energy demand can be reduced by 50% and balanced to be CO2-neutral.

Project Partners

Project management

OSIT Consulting & Engineering GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • BABEG Kärntner Betriebsansiedlungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH
  • AEE – Institute for Sustainable Technologies
  • w&p Zement GmbH
  • Vereinigung der Österreichischen Zementindustrie

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