Summer University Vienna: Green. Building. Solutions.

July 20 - August 11, 2019

First-hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise bundled in a three-week program in the capital of energy-efficient building, Vienna. Think sustainable, take care of your future - now!


OeAD-Housing Office and partners (GrünStattGrau, Innovative Gebäude, Passivhaus Austria and many more)

Content Description


Earn 7 ECTS university credits while learning about the cutting edge in sustainable buildings within an interdisciplinary and cultural exchange. Theory is combined with practical exercises and a hands-on approach.

Learn from the best

International experts from universities, research institutions, and companies share latest developments from research and practice.

Best practice at hand

Buildings in Vienna showing the application of sustainable theories are presented as part of the course.

Try it yourself

Enjoy Vienna while living in a passive house.


The OeAD-Housing Office, winner of the 2013 Austrian Climate Protection Award, offers passive houses for active students and accommodates 2,500 international guests annually in innovative and energy-efficient student dormitories.

The BOKU University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna teaches sustainable use of natural resources by connecting natural, engineering and economic sciences.

The TU Vienna focuses on the relationship of energy to the environment in architecture, urban planning, as well as natural and engineering sciences.

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