Workshop: Optimizing PV Self Consumption on a local and regional level

May 6th 2019, 13.00 h
Hotel Allegria, Golfstraße 1, 7551 Stegersbach

This workshop is part of the workshop-series “City of the Future in Practice”, in which practice relevant R&D results of the technology program “City of the Future” were presented and discussed.


Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT)

Cooperation partners

  • Mission Innovation Austria Week 2019
  • Integrated SET-Plan
  • Innovationslabor act4energy

Content Description

Self-consumption of PV electricity from grid-connected residential systems is gaining importance among PV system owners and in the scientific community since increased self-consumption can raise the profit of PV systems and lower the stress on the electricity distribution grid. Different approaches to achieve an increase in self-consumption, such as demand-side flexibility, neighborhood energy exchange and energy storage are content of the workshop.

This workshop is part of the workshop-series "City of the Future in Practice", in which practice relevant R&D results of the technology program "City of the Future" were presented and discussed. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the SET Plan Action 4 Initiative Families of living labs to develop technology - service systems for direct use of PV energy on an aggregated level of multi-family buildings, districts or communities.

This Workshop aimed to identify relevant R&D projects and Living Lab Initiatives in member countries and to exchange first experiences from the projects. Furthermore, different legal aspects as well as barriers and success factors were presented and discussed.


Chair: Hannes Warmuth, ÖGUT – Austrian Society for Environment and Technology


Chair: Katrin Bolovich, FFG – The Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Chair: Willi Hantsch, aws – Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH

  • 15.40 Panel Discussion
    Introduction and Chair: Willi Hantsch, Austria Wirtschafts Service, Austria
    Rafael Bahamonde Nieto, Turning Tables, Spain
    Job Swens, Netherlands
    Michael Niederkofler, act4energy, Austria
    (tba), Wien Energie, Austria
  • 17.00 Collection of international use cases in a case book
    Expert Meeting SET Plan Action 4

Chair: Gaëtan Masson, Becquerel Institute, Belgium

Networking with international experts

18.30 DINNER


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