Walchfenster04 - from a functional model to a serial production-oriented prototype

Technical preparation of the functional model from the window and facadesystem walchwindow04 to a serial production-oriented prototype. Developing the new production processes and technologies

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Part A - motivation, objectives, method

This research project was the logical consequence after the first tests for new windows and Façade-System with direct wood-glass-bonding.

After a first functional prototype the general technical solution of the problem for a modern window system has been worked out, was now in the second phase the focus on the development of production technology and process technology as well as in the detailed preparation of the system for the series production.

This second part was much more complex and required compared to the base of a multiple project development resources for the introduction of a product idea to a marketable product.

The tasks included the following area (excerpts):

  • Composition all used components, development of the necessary tools and production processes (e.g. wood processing, development GRP profiles, hardware production for turning fittings, preparation of production schedules for the various types of windows (side-hung-windows, turn windows, top-hung-window, fixed window)
  • Development of appropriate manufacturing processes for the various types of open windows and prototype with subsequent test series (such as permanent open trials, maximum load tests ect.)
  • Development and testing of the robot-supported bonding processes with self-developed clamping-table for the slim wooden frames.
  • Development of a window and façade-heating-system for extreme requirements (for example, very deep window niche)
  • Optimization-catalog for further developments after the commercial launch.
  • To rank the cost of production for industrial fabrication.
  • Production of prototype series for test-purposes.

The obligation could be fulfilled settled.

International distribution and marketing opportunity

By the attention for our walchfenster04 from the World Trade last year it opens a lot of opportunities for the international market.

In the meantime we had license discussion with window-manufacture for the markets in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Dubai their output to the present date still uncertain. The objectives is to forgive the outside of central Europe, and the development and purchase of the core-components from the system of the window to organized in Austria. After initiate the production in Ludesch the further expansion is planned until 2009. In 2009, we will build a assembly line based on these experiences in Vorarlberg. This would be the logical consequence of the development for a new product in 3 phases.

  • Development of the product idea and task of a functioning model
  • Detailed planning of the product and there variations, also the required processes of the production and the technology.
  • Building an industrial production at the company's location in Austria; establishment of a distribution network for Central Europe; award of global production licenses with the know-how from Austria.

With this strategy, it is not only possible to bring new production-workstations at the company's location, also to the further development of the product portfolio and the central purchasing of core components for international partner companies in Austria to made.

Part B- Expectations and conclusions

The second development was much more labour-intensive but by external consultants were given the necessary pressure to develop steps.

Besides to apply for the patents is the best protection against imitators the know-how from the detailed production.

The success story would not have been possible without public funding.

The feedback of the market and the experts are extremely encouraging.

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Ing. Andreas Moll
Walch GmbH

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