Update of content and usability for the Manual for Energy Consultants (HfE-New)

The Manual for Energy Consultants had been adapted to present and future needs in energy consulting. The updated manual will preserve the basic concept (buildings with at least close to domestic energy use patterns, up to 1000 m² heated floor area, concentration on refurbishment) and the existing structure: Checklists, data sheets and explanations.



Short Description


Starting point/motivation

The Manual for Energy Consultants (HfE) was published in 1989 and underwent minor adaptation in 1994 and 2010 (update of cost infor­mation by the Energy Agency in Upper Austria).

The structure of the manual is still up to date, following the procedure of a comprehensive consulting procedure with focus on thermal rehabilitation. While the majority of basic data and algorithms are also still valid, there is a need for new integrated technologies (f.e. passive house technologies) and regulatory frameworks (f.e. European Building Directive).

Contents and goals

The core element of the adapted Manual for Energy Consultants (HfE 2013) will again be a printed version with all the necessary tools for personal energy consulting for buildings with an up to 1000 m² heated floor area and an energy use pattern at least close to typical dwellings (e.g. educational, tourism and office buildings): Checklists (following the actual course of a consultation), algorithms, data and explanations.

The original manual will be checked in cooperation with the associated organisations, unnecessary elements will be deleted and missing elements added that have become necessary for consultants.

Methods of treatment

The submitted proposal includes four equally important issues:

  1. Feasibility check and adaptation of still up-do-date parts of the HfE as basic content for HfE-New;
  2. integration or extension of missing or neglected parts;
  3. design of a comprehensive package for direct use in energy consulting;
  4. description of links to other initiatives and tools (e.g. passive house, energy performance certificate).

Expected results/conclusions

The manual will be published in a new format in the Spring of 2014, made available to all energy consultants and included in ongoing educational and training courses.

At the same time an online platform will be implemented with the Austrian Association for Energy Consulting (Arge EBA) to secure constant update and maintenance. In addition follow up projects towards an integrated mobile communication system will be defined.

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