Transfer initiative - The future belongs to the passive house

Developing the passive house standard from pilot projects to a common standard in housing projects with an optimum of comfort. Comprehensive transfer initiative of the passive house standard by fairs, exhibitions and lobbying activities in communities.

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With its saving potential of 80% for new buildings and up to 95% for renewing old ones, the passive house is the most sustainable and economically feasible total concept of future-oriented construction standards. Accordingly, it plays a particularly important role in the programme line "Building of Tomorrow", in which research projects on passive houses are the largest group.

Contents and aims

With its active transfer-mix of different activities, the community of interests "IG Passivhaus Österreich" aims at a maximum spread of know-how transfer to all target groups. Almost all research projects conducted within the framework of "House of the Future" on passive houses involved member companies and/or institutions.

Survey of the targets envisaged for the transfer initiative "Passive House goes Standard" for broad implementation of the "Building of Tomorrow" research results on passive houses:

  • On 16 trade fairs throughout Austria in two years the concept of a theme hall on the passive house offers expert information and advice through a blend of presentations of research results on "House of the Future", coordinated major exhibitions of passive house components, technical presentations and evening events.
  • Lobbying activities at community level aiming at "building at least one passive house in every community in Austria by the year 2010"
  • Build up and intensification of the transfer stage to reach the following targets by 2010:
    • 25% of new buildings constructed to passive house standard
    • 50 passive house buildings under renewal or already completed
    • Each province of Austria has at least 1 public passive house building
    • Keep the international leading edge of Austrian industry in the future-oriented passive house standard due to transfer of know-how of research objects


Overview on trade fair activities

1. Period in 2006 Focus on presentation:
  • 14.01.2006 1. Tiroler Passivhausforum (Kufstein)
  • 26.-29.01.2006 Häuslbauer Fachmesse (Graz)
  • 02.-05.02.2006 Fachmesse Bau und Energie (Oberwart)
  • 10.-12.02.2006 13. Häuslbauermesse Innsbruck
  • 16.-19.02.2006 Bauen + Wohnen Messe Salzburg
  • 23.-26.02.2006 Bauen & Energie Messe Wien
  • 02.-05.03.2006 Energiesparmesse Wels
  • 20.-22.09.2006 Public Service Kommunalmesse Wien
  • 11.-12.11.2006 Marktplatz Passivhaus Wolfurt
2. Period in 2007 Focus on presentation:
  • 02.-11.02.2007 Häuselbauermesse Klagenfurt
  • 09.-11.02.2007 14. Häuslbauermesse Innsbruck
  • 15.-18.02.2007 Bauen & Energie Messe Wien
  • 22.-25.02.2007 Bauen + Wohnen Messe Salzburg
  • 01.-04.03.2007 Energiesparmesse Wels
  • 13.-15.04.2007 Ausstellerforum 11. Passivhaustagung Bregenz

Overview of the transfer initiative on community level

1. and 2. Period of the years 2006 and 2007:
  • Transfer initiative on community level with more than 200 contacts in whole Austria for different project ideas, concepts and initiatives (see attachment).
  • Out of this there have been 65 concrete passive house projects or initiatives developed in minimum. Some of them have been already realized others are still in planning (see attachment).
  • Enlarged 2. edition of the CIPRA community brochure 2006/2007 "Energy efficient building and renovating in the alps" with passive house projects in cooperation with the "IG Passivhaus Österreich".
  • Involvement of the Austrian association of towns and municipalities as multiplier on community level.
  • Cooperation with regional associations as the "Vorarlberger Gemeindebund" or the "Umweltverband".

Project Partners

Project management

Ing. Günter Lang
IG Passivhaus Österreich
Netzwerk für Information, Qualität und Weiterbildung

Project or cooperation partner

  • IG Passivhaus c/o Vorarlberg
    Kennelbacherstraße 36, 6900 Bregenz
    Ing. Günther Diem
  • IG Passivhaus Tirol
    Heiliggeiststrasse 3, 6020 Innsbruck
    Dipl.Ing. Bernhard Schwarze
  • IG Passivhaus Oberösterreich
    Hafenstraße 47-51, 4020 Linz
    Thomas Moser
  • IG Passivhaus Ost
    SOL4 - Büro-Seminarzentrum Eichkogel
    Guntramsdorfer Str. 103, 2340 Mödling
    Bmst. Ing. Klaus Kiessler
  • IG Passivhaus Steiermark/Burgenland
    Am Ökopark 6, 8230 Hartberg
    Wolfgang Lackner
  • IG Passivhaus Kärnten
    St. Veiter Ring 10, 9020 Klagenfurt
    Arch. DI Martin Weiss
  • IG Passivhaus Salzburg
    Jakob-Haringer-Str 8/Techno 5, 5020 Salzburg
    Wolfgang Aigner

Contact address:

Dachverband IG Passivhaus Österreich
Ing. Günter Lang
Hollandstrasse 10/46
A-1020 Wien
Tel.: +43 0650-900 20 40