ThermSat - pilot training program "Thermal renovation engineer in construction industry"

The goal was to design, offer, evaluate and refine a practical training, adapted to the current development. Aim of the courses is to have well-trained engineers and technicians with practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of thermal renovation of buildings.

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Starting point/Motivation

The thermal renovation of existing buildings contributes to the implementation of the measures which are aimed to save energy and protect climate. 100 million Euros are provided by the federal government in the year 2009 to support thermal renovation of existing buildings. Afterthe end of the project, the Federal Governmentannounced that up to the year 2014 there will be similar provisions. The renovation rate is expected to increase from actually 1% to 3% in the future. However, according to the actual situation of the construction industry, the number of renovation specialists / renovation technicians and the renovation training services are not sufficient for the expected growth of the renovation rate. This course helps to archive the goal of the Austrian Government and improve the quality of thermal renovations in Austria. Hence this pilot-course creates benefits for the national economy, for the industry and for costumers.

Contents and Objectives

On the basis of a prior research, the current training programs have been researched and analyzed. The contents and scripts of the pilot training program “thermal renovation engineer in construction industry” were adjusted to the knowledge and results from the current programs, as a result, the available information and know-how are conditioned to the target audience and the national know-how-transfer is promoted.

The objective was focused on the development, provision, evaluation and further development of advanced training services which provide practical and theoretical knowledge according to the current development. Through this training program, important knowledge from the previous program “Haus der Zukunft” were transferred into the knowledge portfolio of the entire construction sector and of the renovation specialists. By training more renovation specialists, the technological position of Austrian enterprises was further consolidated. The considerable contribution of know-how spread in construction industry to the growth of energy efficiency was also facilitated and supported. The training program “thermal renovation engineer in construction industry” contributes to the increase of the thermal renovation rate and the generation of more thermal renovation specialists.


An internet research and interviews with training providers prepared subject-specific training programs and their content. By combining the information gained from this research module-related, subject-specific scripts and presentation slides were created. Using websites, mailing lists and brochures potential participants were identified and contacted. Timetables and schedules are created in close consultation with the speakers. The implementation of the course was done through lectures, discussions and application of theory through practical exercises. After the end of the course the evaluation forms, which were filled in and collected during the whole course, were evaluated. An evaluation workshop was held with the speakers to effectively identify opportunities for improvement. Based on these results, the training program was structurally revised.


Already existing training programs and their contents were researched, collected and analyzed. Already existing documents and additional literature research prepared the necessary documents for holding this course. The thematic basis for the design of the scripts and the corresponding presentation slides were created in the working sessions by the project partners. The course took place in consultation with the speakers and the leaders of HTL Mödling, in the period between the 10th September 2010 and the 10th December 2010 on Fridays and Saturdays. The detailed timetable is found in the Appendix. Detailed information about the location, contents, and the organization of the training program was provided to the 30 participants. The pilot course was held in accordance with the project partners and external speakers. The participants were made up of energy consultants, employees of construction companies and engineering firms, alumni from schools for higher technical education,students and other people who are working in the construction sector. During the course and in a comprehensive final evaluation round feedback has been collected from course participants and speakers. The analyze has been done in order to form the basis for the improvement of the course and further development potential. Finally, the results of the evaluation sessions were incorporated and adapted the training program accordingly.

In the final event of the pilot course 26 people were awarded with the certificate "thermal renovation engineer in construction industry".

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

After successfully completing the pilot course the project partners agreed in continuing this course in an adapted arrangement in the future. An increase in the reconstruction rate from currently about 1% to 3% in the future still requires a high number of trained professionals. The willingness of the Federal Government to provide substantial financial resources for the promotion of thermal renovation in the next few years, and the suggestions of the participant indicate the need for further courses.

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