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thermocollect: realisation of a plus energy building by a solar active facade system

The project demonstrates the application of a solar active facade system in the course of the renovation of an existing building in order to achieve the plus-energy standard. Moreover, the effectiveness of the system will be demonstrated on new buildings and transparent compo­nents as well. The final outcome will be a manual for the application and implemen­tation of the façade system focusing on the segment of specialists and skilled labour.

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Starting point/motivation

Existing facade systems exploit the energy potential of building enve­lopes merely insufficiently. Basically, the energy potential in winter is much higher than in summer due to the lower angle of irradiation. Hence the maximum potential can be achieved on the coldest winter days. The application of an adaptive, active facade system will demonstrate the gain of environmental energy and the active control of the energy flow in the building envelope.

Contents and goals

The company thermocollect® developed an innovative energy facade system, which covers the functions of thermal control and façade decor­ation of the building. Instead of directly attach the insulation on the wall, individually designed, flexible panels will be used. The panels are automatically controlled and can be opened and closed by demand.

The panels achieve high insulation values. In winter as well as in summer the system automatically responds to the supply and demand of solar gains, representing thermal component activation for several days and providing comfortable warmth.

Methods of treatment

The innovative, adaptive facade system has been developed in previous projects (co-financed by "Building of Tomorrow"). However, the realisa­tion and demonstration of the technology has not been demonstrated yet on a large scale. In order to boost the diffusion and to raise the aware­ness the facade system will be realised in the course of a reno­vation of an existing building. Particular importance will be attached to the combi­nation of the technology with different wall materials both for the renova­tion and new buildings trying to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Expected results/conclusions

By the demonstration of the innovative facade system in the course of a renovation the technology will be made visible for the public. In addition to the examination and validation of model-like findings, the project offers to experience the technology in practice. Measured data will prove the system efficiency and the profound technical calculations. The final outcome will be a manual for the application and implemen­tation of the facade system focusing on the segment of specialists as well as the public audience.

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thermocollect - Fa. DI Rudolf Schwarzmayr

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DI Rudolf Schwarzmayr
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