Thermo-Active Building Systems - Development of a Calculation kernel (TBA-CALC )

This project result will provide Austria with a uniform software environment for the simulation of thermo-active building systems in the form of a validated tool.

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In this research project models for thermal simulation of buildings and HVAC-systems are developed and validated. Special focus is set on modelling components of thermally activated building systems (TABS). Highly efficient buildings can be heated and cooled exclusively by TABS. It is possible to utilize renewable energy sources by using the thermal capacity of the building structure. Due to the buffering effect of activated building parts it is not possible to calculate such systems with non-dynamic methods.

The aim of this Project is to provide designers a calculation and planning tool leading to an enhanced application of TABS in practice. The development of the discussed simulation models is based on a mathematical description of physical processes. After their software implementation the models are validated by use of measurements. The final result is a multi-zone-model which is accessible by a Web service.

The conducted development work leads to a comprehensive simulation tool, which allows the calculation of the dynamic behaviour of thermally activated building systems. By the publication of this research report, designers have access to a fully documented and validated Web service tool for building and HVAC simulations.

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