SpeedReg - Prompt quality assurance of the commissioning process of buildings

The focus of the project is on quality assurance within the commissioning process with the aim to speed up and to improve the operational adjustment of newly constructed or comprehensively renovated buildings. The fragmented know-how which is hardly accessible for the relevant target groups will be consolidated and elaborated in the form of a practice guideline which will be directly applicable in commissioning processes in practice. In this way the project contributes to the development of a common, well-established standard for quality assurance within the commissioning of buildings.

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Starting point/Motivation

Due to the increasing requirements on the energy performance of buildings, there is a high standard of planning and gradually also in the execution of innovative buildings. However, whether a building fulfils its efficiency potential or not depends greatly on the building operation – and here especially of the commissioning phase. It is therefore all the more important that buildings are not only planned to energy-efficient standards, but also that they have a well-adjusted building service which is adapted to the use of building.

Against this background, the objective is to receive contemporary statements to the actual performance compared to the planning phase.

Contents and Objectives

The project SpeedReg! "Contemporary quality assurance and optimization of building operation" merges the existing approaches to quality assurance of commissioning processes and methods to optimize building operation in order to achieve a well-adjusted building operation from an early time.

The aim is to produce a guide which draws a common thread from the project development, planning and execution to the first phase of use. It should span the main tasks and cutting points for the quality assurance and optimization of building operation.


Based on expert interviews and an extensive literature review, recurring problems where discussed and existing approaches and methods – technically and organizationally – collected. These were brought together along the various process- and performance phases and processed into a generic model. The resulting extracted tasks and key documents for each performance period are the core elements of the Guide


As a result, a guidance for the stakeholders involved in the planning and construction process as well as for persons in charge of building operation was created. The focus is on the unique description of tasks and cutting points in the construction and utilization process to prevent information- and quality loss and to achieve a rapid balancing of building installations and rapid optimization in operation.

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

The guide will be published on the program website and on the corporate website of the e7 energy market analysis GmbH and will be available for download.

e7 will use the guide in the context of consulting services, with the aim to lead the developed approach of quality assurance of commissioning processes to a wide range of applications.

Specifically it is planned to accompany customers order to achieve the objective of a well regulated and is thus energy-efficient driven building. For the further advance of the topic “quality-assured commissioning” the generated Know-how will be introduced to the existing networks.

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