SOLROSE FP - bionical designed solarthermal collector, final product developement

Archieved goal was the final product developement oft he innovative solarthermal collector SOLrose from prototype to seriel production. Enhancements of SOLrose with respect to the state oft he art: attractive design for frontage integration, serial production of system modules, distribution and assembling.

Short Description




Starting point / motivation

According to the targets of "Solarthermie 2030" of the ESTTP and the "paper for an Austrian research and technology program" of the ASTTP SOLution Solartechnik GmbH developed a collector to a prototype which has many improvements compared to the present technical state of the art.

Contents and goals

Target of the work in this application was the final product development for serial production. Coincident we submit the preparation of the production as a project.

We wanted to develop our own collector because it will help us to get in a market-leading position in the sector of solar thermal systems.

For the significant innovations there is registered a utility model at the Austrian Patent Office under GM662/2007. Enclosed you will find a patent application and a confirmation of the Austrian Patent Office.

To design the SOLROSE-collectors we used the experience of more than 10.000,00 installed solar systems especially experiences in logistics, transport and assembly.

As in many other successful projects we took the nature as an example. The SOLROSE collector opens up like a rose to the sun. Because of this bionic detail of the SOLROSE collector the utilisation of the sunlight is higher than from other current collectors. The fixture is hidden under the parts facing the sun. That means several modules can be installed as a plain surface. In the architecture SOLROSE can be used as a functional design element. This also corresponds to the visions of "Solarthermie 2030".

Methods of treatment

  • Tests with all components
  • Check of residual risk on prototyp an preliminary parts
  • Certification for admission on the market


  • All components are qualified for serial production.

Project Partners

Project management

SOLution Solartechnik GmbH
Gerhard Mütter

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Gerhard Mütter
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