Solar Adsorption cooling system of residential and office buildings (SunSorber)

In the on hand project an adsorber/desorber for a solar operated/district heating operated one-level adsorption chiller with water as cooling agent and silica gel as adsorbent agent will be planned for a low range of performance (2 to 50 kW refrigerating capacity). It will be implemented as a test-/pilot plant. Hence these two substances are an alternative to the HFCKW´s cooling agents that are used nowadays.

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The aim of this project is the development of a single-stage adsorption chiller with small cooling capacity working with silica gel/water. The main difference in comparison to a conventional chiller is the operating power. While compression-type refrigerating machines are driven by high-grade electrical energy adsorption chillers are working with the energy source hot water which can be provided by solar panels e.g. Unlike to usual compression-type refrigerating machines water is used here as refrigerant. The ODP and GWP of water is zero and there are no negative effects on the environment by silica gel too.

The chilled water can be used for air-conditioning purpose. The adsorption chiller operates with optimal working conditions in combination with a radiant cooling system (cooling of large areas of ceiling, wall or floor).

The figure 1 below shows the prototype of the adsorptions chiller with a cooling capacity of app. 7 kW.

The chiller can be driven by hot water with a temperature between 60 °C to 90 °C.

Figure 2 shows the solar panels which are responsible for the hot water supply of the adsorption chiller.

The prototype was operated more than 4.000 working hours with a great variety of boundary conditions. Based on the considerably amount of measured data a performance characteris-tics was created. A lot of information for the automatic control was also achieved by the measured data.

Although a lot of improvements have been made during the measuring mode, there are still further things to optimize to obtain an adsorption chiller ready to go into production.

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Ing. W. Gollner
psc | project support consulting

Project partners

  • Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH (EEE)
    Projektleitung Versuchsleitung, Versuchsdurchführung
  • GREENoneTEC Solarindustrie GmbH (GoT)
  • Johnson Controls


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