Renovation with passive house technology by master-builder – verified planning documentation – Guide and seminars

The project aims at an increased implementation of passive house technology by the planning as well as the operating master-builder.

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Starting point / motivation

Thermal building refurbishment has become a main topic in the European building industry due to ecological and economical circumstances. While in new buildings many technical details could have been developed, this very important basis is very fragmentary for refurbishments. Another reason is the difficulty in standardizing, since every refurbishment project is basically unique. A very important criteria for a successful refurbishment is an optimized technical execution of the trade’s interfaces. Based on missing education documents there are problems within those interfaces occuring constantly or becoming potential source of error.

Essential restraints for the usage of passive house technologies in refurbishments are missing planning documents that match the builder’s demands. There is a variety of manuals and recommendations for constructions but those don’t earn the necessary builder’s trust. A reason for that is that most manufacturer‘s and association‘s recommendations are deduced from pilot projects realized under high efforts which don’t cover all necessary implementations the builders rely on. 

Contents and goals

The main project’s goal is an enhanced implementation of passive house technologies by all in the process involved persons in refurbishments.

In the „Refurbishment Handbook for Builders“ practical construction details were developed. 29 details for three different building types will be available in this handbook:

  • Historical Buildings with/without worthy of preservation facades and houses built before 2000. Optimized planning and construction references aim at easy to use and passive house suitable constructions as well as reduction of building errors and structural damages and therefore fewer warranty risks.
  • In two core theme chapters the focus will be on historical buildings with segmented facades.
  • In the chapter „Internal insulation“ the attention will be on reliable systems, frequent mistakes and the hydrophobicity of facades.
  • The problems of refurbishments of segmented facades with sculptured profiles. Focus here will be on solutions, processing and the procedures in general as well as on a real project.

Methods of treatment

In this handbook practical constructions as well as those from literature were collected and optimized. The practical implementations necessary for adjustments were developed in cooperation with in the project involved builders.


The refurbishment handbook constitutes a profound basis for planning and constructing persons. The current planning records will be printed as a handbook and will be published online by the Bundesinnung Bau. The contents will be available in seminars as well as WIFI courses in all over Austria.

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