Rebuilding of the organic farm Achleitner, straw & clay - room climatisation with plants

Rebuilding of a marketing-, store- and processingcenter with an organic freshmart and an organic restaurant in passivhouse quality. Application of regional building materials, an innovatve overall energyconcept, climatisation with plants.

Content Description





The principles of Biohof Achleitner are based on a gentle interaction with nature. Hence a lot of requests an sustainable approaches were made with the construction of the central marketing, storage and processing building, including a bio-supermarket and a bio-restaurant. Biohof Achleitner also adapts the whole carpool to run with vegetable oil.


Sustainable approaches where made with choosing the building material, extensive use of renewable energies an the optimal use of solar cooling. The also new build fuelling station provides bio-fuel made of sunflowers. A special attention was turned on air conditioning using plants.

Intended Objectives

The principles of Biohof Achleitner aim for an diversified workspace in a liveable environment and to supply the customers with healthy food and valuable bio-products.

  • Demonstrating of the usage of straw (mainly grown on the field of the biofarm) as insulation for a commercially used building (logistic centre 1780 m2). It was also made visible with a large wall covered with glass.
  • The improvement of the indoor climate and the gathering of test and observation results are the special goals of air conditioning using plants. Using these results the knowledge of functionality of indoor greenings should be improved.

Method of processing

  • Adequate specification already for the concept
  • Including the innovative approaches into the thermal simulation of the building
  • Adjustment of the daylight concept for the purpose of solar architecture with special consideration of the needs of plants
  • Planting according to the professional planting design and acquisition of the necessary test equipment
  • Measurement and monitoring


  • Outdoor climate
  • Indoor climate
  • Measurement and collection of operating data


The building, with a lot of visitor traffic (customers, seminar participants, excursions, produces a lot of interest:

The large glass covered straw wall produces a lot of publicity for the insulation material straw.

A similar effect is produced with the usage of plants. An enormous interest for using plants for air conditioning was already risen at the guided tours at the opening (about 10000 visitors) with the addressing of the subject and the professional explanations by Jürgen Frantz, former head of the botanic garden of the University of Thübingen and a freelancer of the planning group agsn.

The results of the monitoring, done by the Donau-Universität Krems, is at the end of the report.

One special point to mention is, that the thermal characteristic is even better than calculated.


The results meet the expectations of the project.

Project Partners

Project management

Günter Achleitner / Biohof Achleitner GmbH
4070 Eferding, Unterm Regenbogen 1

Eduard Preisack / Büro Bmst. Ing. Eduard B. Preisack MAS
4320 Perg, Technologiepark 17

Project or cooperation partner

  • Paul Seeber/architekturplus, I-39040 Vahrn
  • Patrick Jung/Ingenieurbüro P. Jung, D-51105 Köln
  • Peter Holzer/Donau-Universität Krems, 3500 Krems
  • Ing. Hans-Peter Rodleitner MAS/Donau-Universität Krems


Günter Achleitner / Biohof Achleitner GmbH
4070 Eferding, Unterm Regenbogen 1
Tel./Fax: +43 7272 4859-50 / -48

Eduard Preisack / Büro Bmst. Ing. Eduard B. Preisack MAS
4320 Perg, Technologiepark 17
Tel./Fax: +43 7262 57024-0 / -4