Quality criteria for the Building of Tomorrow

Development and implementation of contributions to the quality control of innovative technologies in the areas of building services and insulation that are derived substantially from HAUSderZukunft findings.

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Starting point/Motivation

The need for assistance for quality management in the application of innovative technologies can be derived as a result of the evaluation of construction projects and is also articulated on the part of the construction industry in different contexts.

The criteria include the whole process from the general decisions in the beginning of the planning to the takeover of the system.

Of interest were mainly those areas where ongoing, standards and guidelines, cover not all aspects of energy efficiency, comfort and safety claims.

Against this background, the project team developed the idea of quality lines, contributing to the wider and better use of innovative technologies in buildings.

Contents and Objectives

Goal is the development and implementation of quality criteria derived substantially from findings of the program line Building of Tomorrow and the development of human resources for further dissemination. The quality criteria relate to selected innovative areas with energy relevance, where at present there is a higher risk of error: interior insulation, vacuum insulation and selected efficient building technologies.

The project team prepared existing information about quality assurance for the practical application in accordance with the planning stages and complemented, where it was necessary. The findings were discussed with experts, highly qualified external consultants. The project was finalized with their review.


Existing sets of criteria, such as for example the criteria for comfort ventilation were involved as much as possible. The quality criteria are matched to the planning phases (defining technical specifications in the contract, planning, building, final acceptance) and are intended to be clear and practical. The technical coverage is additionally carried out by highly qualified external experts.

The dissemination on the one hand is effected via seminars for the construction industry and subconstruction work. On the other hand it the quality requirements are now in the form of fact sheets a part of the criteria system of the klima:aktiv building standard.

The benefit for users of the construction industry is in a reduction of the defects and damage risk. From an environmental perspective, the benefit consists of an increased and significantly improved application of innovative technologies and a reduction of end-energy consumption in all places where the methods are applied.

The Consortium: the core team consists of a technical office for quality control with focus on vacuum and interior insulation, a building physicist and an ecology expert from a large Viennese housing company, as well as a training and organizational consultant. In addition, building physics and building services are supported by external consultants as well as the requirements of the construction industry are introduced.


Quality lines for vacuum insulation, inside insulation and housing technical services as well as the experiences from pilot classes are available.

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

The application in practice will show the benefits of the quality of lines for sustainable building. In the context of the national climate initiative klima:aktiv it is already provided to gain experience. On this basis, subsequently quality lines can be improved and completed.

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