ÖkoInform - Platform for Exchange of Information in Green Building

A platform for the exchange of information to promote the better integration of ecological materials and renewable resources in the research programme "Building of Tomorrow"

Content Description




Included within the term "ecology" in "Building of Tomorrow" is the aspect of the management of knowledge to promote the integration of the ecological component into the building sector. ÖkoInform supports the preparation of target group-orientated information by providing an efficient platform for information exchange in the sustainable building sector. Targeted know-how transfer for the greening of building will be established, with the particular aim of increasing the use of green building materials.

Present Situation

Up until now, the main focus for 'innovative building concepts' has been on RUE and RES (rational use of energy and renewable energy sources). In some cases questions arise as to whether these gains in the field of energy performance produce problems in other fields (materials, pollutants, grey energy).


The aim of ÖkoInform is to optimise the eco-performance of these concepts in "Building of Tomorrow", especially the use of renewable materials (NAWAROS).
Sustainable development is more than energy efficiency. Ecological building construction is the second step towards sustainability.

Target groups are the planners and experts within "Building of Tomorrow", multiplicators in the building sector, special media (architecture, building)


Integrated planning is a precondition for ecologically sound buildings. Although this approach has been discussed for many years, it does not really work in practice. The reasons for this will be researched within several interviews with planners and decision makers.

Consulting for persons, institutions and enterprises involved in the "Building of Tomorrow"
To support integrated planning, ÖkoInform is offering consulting in defined phases of the planning process: a construction check, and research and discussion of variants (with renewable materials) based on the experience and publications of the ÖkoInform consortium, also making use of the results of studies and projects delivered by other experts in "Building of Tomorrow". The aim of this is to implement existing knowledge in "Building of Tomorrow" projects.

Co-operation with enterprises and specialists in the building sector
ÖkoInform is a content-orientated service facility whose main focus is on consulting and presenting best practice models. It will contribute to the further dissemination of the innovation taking place within "Building of Tomorrow". Close cooperation with enterprises and specialists in the building sector - who mostly are not active in research and dissemination - provides an opportunity to make use of their knowledge and experience, which comes from long standing business activities in other projects.

Dissemination of basic knowledge in the form of publications and via Internet
Four leaflets are planned which will provide basic information about ecology in building concepts and present useful links (www) to further information. The topics will be related to the planning process and current methods and tools for optimising eco-performance.

Information will also be provided via internet in co-ordination with the project "Informationsknoten für nachwachsende Rohstoffe" and the general programme management.

Project Partners

Project manager: DI Johannes Fechner
17&4 Organisationsberatung G.m.b.H.
Partners: Robert Lechner
Austrian Institute of Ecology

Dr. Bernhard Lipp
Oesterreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -oekologie


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