New High thermal insulated lightweight timber-frame constructions

Development for the application in the passive house standard (e.g. low-energy houses).

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The efficient use of energy due to increasing energy prices and CO2- emission excesses requires new forward-looking concepts. About ~ 40% of the annual energy consumption in industralized countries is used in buildings. In the European Union, especially Germany and Austria, low energy building concepts, like "passive house technology" were developed, to minimize the energy demand of buildings. Passive houses presume a high insulation performance of the building enclosure with U- factors lower than 0,15 W/(m²K) ~ 0.026Btu/(h-ft²-F), thermal bridge free constructions and good airtightness. The space heating of passive houses can be achieved by heating the supply air in the ventilation system because of the low annual space heating energy demand of 15 kWh/m²yr. Comfortable internal space temperature is achieved in a largely "passive" way with the free heat gains of solar irradition through windows as well as the heat emissions of the occupants and household appliances.

The Weissenseer Holz-System-Bau GmbH. is carrying out, in cooperation with the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences and the industry partners HERAKLITH, ISOCELL and WIGO Haus a research project on the development of exterior walls for well insulated building envelopes applicable in the "passive house technology". Different wall construction assemblies with varying envelope materials were designed and with the help of hygrothermal simulations theoretical analyzed and optimized. In a second step, a full-scale experimental test-house in South Austria was built, to perform in-situ measurements at various wall specimen during the exposition to natural climatic boundary conditions. Based on these measurements, further simulations with the current measured climatic data at the location are carried out and compared. Due to the verification of measurement and simulation results, further simulations for varying connection details (e.g. joints, etc.) will be conducted to ensure highest quality levels.

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