Living-city Joint-space-potential Salzburg

Exemplary transformation of a traffic abused open urban structure. The target was to develop a model through supplementary housing as well as social measures and measures for the surrounding.

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Project relevance

Studies show, that even traffic abused, open urban structures have high re-conversion andcondensation potential. Through closing of building gaps, soundproof windows, adequate landscaping and social interventions it is possible to achieve sustainable city-development and city-repair giving way to new living space. It thus seems useful to further develop these environments, instead of averting them and simply exploit green field.

Project aims and implementation

The Project „Wohn-Stadt UM-RAUM-POTENZIALE“ (Living-city Joint-space-potential) aims to re-develop, on a model base, traffic abused open urban structures with supplementary housing as well as measures for the surroundings and measures to reduce traffic. The project was implemented on an urbanistic axis, the Kleßheimer Allee in Salzburg. Possible developments were demonstrated with the aid of a threepart solution catalog, evaluation of “best practices” schemes, interviews and workshops with the administration and the affected population. During the whole process the transdisciplinary team pursued a multifactorial and standardizable approach both for analyses and action.

Results and prospect

The polls show a differentiation of the interest groups. The older the interviewees the morecritical the situation was perceived, the younger the more advantageous the location was described. Investigations confirm that the reduction of sound do not lead automatically to a reduced disturbance. Based on polls and workshops and regarding to sonic research on location possible solutions were developed and threedimensionally simulated. In the process the whole street as well as single properties were dealt with by the whole team respectively by students from the FH Kuchl along with the inhabitants. On one side the results should demonstrate the optimized utilization and condensation of the existing buildings for the owners, on the other side serve as guideline for the municipality.

To gain pictured, detailed solutions for the land-use plan a subarea of the alley was invested. Because of its effectiveness the conclusion was to target a closed construction as well as a consistent density. The interventions should allow the possibility of rapidly realizable measures – which primarily supply the temporary wants of the detached house-owners –, new buildings and the step by step procedure of both of them. The results have to be actively communicated in terms of land use management by the Stadt Salzburg along with the process. The formerly pentamerous solution catalog was reduced to three, because of the fact that some groups turned out to be subcategories of the others. A practical development of mobile modules for the location was contemplated with the involvement of a commercial business and a business development’s funding. The elements should be universally applicable and distributable.

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Project management

  • DI Arch. Paul Schweizer
  • DI Arch. Andreas Huber-Maurus

Paul Schweizer, Architekt FH/REG A/SIA, Staatlich befugter und beeideter Ziviltechniker

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