Integration of results of the program "Building of Tomorrow" into the established qualification program of energy counsellors and their daily consultancy activities

Preparing the results of the "Building of Tomorrow" program for energy counsellors by elaborating a material collection and integrating it into the basic education of energy counsellors. Furthermore a one-day training course for already active energy counsellors will be designed and held.

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The number of energy consultants is steadily growing. Due to rapid developments in building technologies and energy supply systems, to the current implementation of the EU directive on Energy Performance of Buildings, rising energy prices and intense media coverage on energy topics, home owners demand for energy counselling is increasing.

Energy consultants are important opinion leaders transferring results of the programme "Building of Tomorrow" (in german "Haus der Zukunft") directly to end users (home owners, decision makers on investments, architects, builders) via energy consulting. By means of the direct contact to the end users they are an important group of multipliers for "Building of Tomorrow" results.

Contents and Goals

The current project aimed at collecting and editing information from "Building of Tomorrow" projects tailored to the needs of energy consultants, encouraging them to pick up Building of Tomorrow-results in a quick and immediate way and to use this knowledge in their daily consultancy activity. To this end Building of Tomorrow-projects and their results have been selected taking into account questions relevant for real-life consultancy (energy consulting lead topics). The selected and commented results of the projects may be used as an information source for already active energy consultants. Moreover these results can be integrated into the traditional education courses for energy consultants (beginners and advanced level, A-Kurs and F-Kurs).

In order to facilitate the integration of the results into existing training programmes first existing lecturing material (slides) of existing and established training courses from Lower Austria and Vienna. Lecturers whose topics are closely related to topics covered in Building of Tomorrow-projects have been invited to three workshops. Two of these workshops took place at the project's beginning and one at mid time, when intermediate results already were available. Invited lecturers who are also active energy consultants had the opportunity to express their view on the relevance of selected projects at the workshops and contents for energy consulting. The suggestions obtained were of great help for structuring and focussing the work during the rest of the project.


The project's main output is a compilation of materials. This compilation contains a list of questions, relevant to energy consultancy (FAQs) and according answers, extracted from Building of Tomorrow-project reports, thematically classified. Furthermore, the compilation contains a list of selected contents ("Best of") of selected projects (sorted by projects). These best-of-contents are hyperlinked with the corresponding pdf-project reports to which they are referring making it possible to jump to corresponding point in the respective project report. Thus, this represents a navigation tool through the selected projects as well.

The compilation of materials is available free of charge, it is a source of information for speakers at trainings, active energy consultants as well as for trainees, for the public and interested experts.

For already active energy consultants, who cannot be reached via basic trainings any more, a single-event seminar of graduate training of a duration of one day has been designed and held. The seminar focused on currently relevant topics in the area of energy consultancy as seen from the point of view of the results. It was possible to find expert speakers who played an important role in different Building of Tomorrow projects. This way the current state of research has been communicated to the energy consultants with regard to questions which arise during their daily consultancy business.


At a final event in November 2009 the essential results of the project were presented and various experts who have been working in Building of Tomorrow projects presented results of their projects with regard to topics which are highly relevant for energy consultancy.

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