Innovative regulation of thermal solar collectors

Research and development of the possibility of a "sensorless" regulation for thermal solar systems

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Research and development of the possibility of "sensorless" regulation for thermal solar systems

State of the art

Up until now, the primary pump in thermal solar systems for single or multi-storey buildings was regulated by the temperature ratio between the temperature at the solar flat collector and the temperature at the solar boiler (or. the counterflow heat exchanger). Only if that ratio was positive was the primary pump supplied with electricity. The installation of the temperature sensors and their cabling involves a lot of work and is also very costly. They are also very vulnerable to damage caused by lightning, so additional costs for regular servicing have to be calculated.

Basic description of the project

Our goal is

  • to develop a process for the regulation of thermal solar systems without external temperature sensors
  • to develop of a prototype

This advanced system should significantly lower assembly costs and should also increase reliability because of the lack of outdoor sensors.

Additional benefits of this concept:

  • Self-learning optimisation of the running duration of the solar pump (at the start)
  • automatic adoption should the viscosity of the anti freezing agent change
  • advanced failure diagnosis
  • increased lifetime through avoidance of lightning damage
  • no effort needs to go into the correct placement of outdoor sensors
  • no special sales consulting or services needed (prerequisite for export orientation)

Time table

First half-year 2000: Research into possible technical problems and the development of solutions
Second half-year 2000: The development of a prototype which is ready to go into production

Project Partners

Project manager: Dr. Christian Holter
S.O.L.I.D. Ges. für Solarinstallation & Design m.b.H.

Ing. Wolfgang Rebernegg
Fa. Alternative Energietechnik

Ing. Peter Klementschitz
Microsens Electronics, Leibnitz


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