Information point for renewable and ecological materials (II) internet platform, information and service offer and transfer event "Building of Tomorrow"

Establishment of www.nawaro.comas the central platform for building materials made of renewable resources will be realised with the help of the enlargement of the internet database and extensive service and information offer consisting of stake holder support, events, PR and transfer for "House of Tomorrow.

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The central goal of the project was an active and efficient transfer of results derived from the programme "House of tomorrow" with a special focus on ecological materials and building materials from renewable resources.

The low market share of environmentally sound building materials should be substantially increased during the next couple of years. Availability of reliable information and data as well as distribution of knowledge regarding a proper application of these materials was therefore essential. A combination of competent information with access to real and existing demonstration objects was especially effective for this purpose. Therefore the information events were organized in close coordination with the demonstration project S-HOUSE.

The project addressed further development and improvements of technical features and contents of the internet platform as well as an accompanying service, information and training offer. This offer is now available both on the internet and in a direct user contact. To combine activities and actors for a market oriented technology development of renewable materials and environmentally sound materials was among the main project issues. The project builds upon previous work for a proper functioning internet platform and will be continued along with the use phase of the S-HOUSE project.

The results of the project are a comprehensive information platform for sustainable building with renewable resources and the bundling of the stakeholders as well as an increased degree of popularity of building materials made of renewable resources. These results should guarantee the long term continuation of the platform in combination with the demonstration building S-HOUSE and in co-operation with the stake holders of the building branch especially with the companies registered at

Project Partners

Project management

Dr. Robert Wimmer
GrAT, Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien

Project collaborator:

DI Hannes Hohensinner, Mag. (FH) Tobias Tengler, DI Hans Peter Petek

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GrAT, Gruppe Angepasste Technologie, TU Wien
Dr. Robert Wimmer
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, 1040 Wien
Tel.: + 43 (1) 58801-49523