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Guidelines for a sustainable real estate rating of residental buildings

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The project "HdZ - Immo rate" is intended to develop guidelines and tools for the property rating under special consideration of targets, strategies and technologies of a sustainable building and construction industry. Very often, innovative building projects, for instance low energy buildings or houses with increased employment of regenerating raw materials which are part of the program line "Haus der Zukunft", get a "risk rating" due to their innovation character. This means however, that innovative and/or sustainable building projects, which are dependent on a high fraction of debt, suffer from increased financing expenses and may therefore often not be realized.

This is the reason for the development of "HdZ - Immo rate": With target group oriented preparation of experiences and perceptions from the program line "Haus der Zukunft" for financial services enterprises (rating agencies, banks, investment banks), information is provided, which should substantially lead to a positive evaluation of innovation-oriented buildings. Central to this approach is the profound argumentation of the advantages of "lasting buildings" with these quantitative and qualitative criteria, which affect a positive property rating. Crucial in this context is, that the results of "HdZ - Immo rate" can be introduced directly into the respective rating instruments of the financial institutions. Such an evaluation of sustainable buildings by the project "HdZ - Immo rate will be possible also for endowment funds as well as both for existing objects and new buildings. Thus in the sense of an active transfer project of the program line "Haus der Zukunft", an important component for the increased conversion of the project results is provided.

Central result: Sustainable building involves considerations to the housing market, qualities of location and optimal object characteristics into the development of a real estate. So optimal conditions are secured for the cash-flow of the planned building. Arranged according to the groups of criteria "market ", "location ", "object ", "cash-flow "and "development potential" represents the manual "IMMO RATE " for building industry and financial institutions an instrument for the planning, description and evaluation of sustainable buildings in the structure of Rating systems.

The project includes a documentation of those standards and methods within the area of property rating, which are in particular relevant for innovation-oriented buildings. The results of the program line, which are a central component for real estate evaluation, are documented primarily for the target groups.

"HdZ - Immo rate" strengthens the competitiveness of sustainable building projects and promotes the market diffusion of innovative and sustainable technologies of the building sector.

The project team consists of an experienced project executing organisation of the program line, an innovation-oriented building enterprise with the core competence "sustainable building" as well as of an especially market-relevant financial institution in Austria, which also plays an active role within real estate financing in Central and Eastern Europe. This guarantees that - both for internal project developers and for financial institutions - an efficient tool for the evaluation of sustainable buildings in the sense of the international bank agreement Basel II is created.

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DI Georg Tappeiner
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Österreichisches Ökologie Institut


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RohmbergBau GmbH
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Österreichisches Ökologie Institut
DI Georg Tappeiner
Seidengasse 13, 1070 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 523 61 05-44
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