Under the basic principle GIPV as "energy source balcony" this project should help covering a part of the electricity needs from renewable energy. By integrating the already preassembled PV elements into the balcony construction, the elements for the final assembly range up to 4 meters. The aim is to win besides private persons also particularly the gastronomy, especially the hotel sector (in tourist regions) as well as the housing sector (e.g. via architects) as customers.

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Starting point / motivation

Current wood- / wood-aluminum balconies are produced with building compact panels. The topic of renewable energy is increasingly coming to the fore, not at least because of the dependency of fossil energy. By the integration of PV facilities into the balcony constructions the project management sees a market gap here and wants to be the first with his product. The production focus is on balcony construction, through the integration of PV modules this priority shall be further reinforced.

Contents and aims

The project definition and rough planning has already begun. Aim is to implement the model-balcony or rather the showcase project until the middle of 2010 after the check of the prototype. For the fairs in autumn 2010 the fair models have to be finished.

At the same time as the preparations are running, the certification of the modules is being done. The checks will last about six month. For any corrections and new checks a span of 6 more months is scheduled. Series production with two model rows should be ensured at the beginning of the year 2011.

Methods of treatment

  • Definition of the possible module measurement in the very beginning, to have as little variants as possible
  • Establishment of the string design and the module data
  • Determination of the fixing
  • Selection of the module manufacturer
  • Initial sample test, prototype construction
  • Production of exhibition elements
  • Correction loop for the incorporation of improvement requirements
  • Definition of the first series module designs

Expected results / conclusions

The project management annually produces about 6000 running metres of balconies and sees around 75 % of them as suitable for the PV-use. With appropriate funding models for GIPV, he estimates that 30 % of them could be classified as feasible. If it becomes more known that there are standardized balcony models available, in conjunction with object-related PV calculation and layout from a single source, a corresponding resonance is expected, also by architects and developers.

The establishment of a production line for PV elements with specially prepared fitting and required tools is in planning, as well as the efficient production of the required profiles and assemblies and gentle pre-assembly of PV elements with professional provision of transportable units.

Despite the restriction of the PV modules the variety of balcony models sustains, which means that there are different design options.

In the year before the market introduction through the presence at fairs, the first five pilot projects should be realized in order to reach an annual increase in the range of GIPV from 20 to 25 % in the following years. It is expected that the GIPV area, separated from the other products, increasingly grows and accrues to the total operating as additional quantity of orders from customers.

Project Partners

Project management

Martin Kollnig

Project or cooperation partner

  • H.I.A.G. Holzdekor GesmbH & Co KG

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