Energetic roof including window, PV and thermal solar components as on-roof and façade module - on-roof and façade module

Development of a novel on-roof respectively façade module, which includes a thermal solar component as well as photovoltaics and a skylight. With the serial implementation of this development idea there should be offered for the first time an energetic roof as retrofitting kit for existing buildings.

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Starting point / motivation

State-of-the-art modules for photovoltaic, solarthermal panels and windows are sold as a solution for in-roof mounting. With this solution only new or overall refurbished buildings can be supplied. Nowadays, solutions for the recovery of older buildings (from 30 to 40 years old) are required to fulfil customer needs these days. For already refurbished roofs there is no suitable solution for an update with solar panels (thermal, photovoltaic, window function).

Contents and goals

The new "on-roof - façade module" is the development of a new generation of solar panels, which connects solar thermal, photovoltaic and skylight panels in one system. The new system is designed in order to "upgrade" older buildings without changing the existing roof construction. The "on-roof - façade module" fulfils customers´ wishes concerning the supply of warm water and electric power.

A new designed frame standard fixes the various panels and is prepared to lead the thermal and electric power out of the fixed panels into the house-internal power transmission lines.

Because the frame panels have standard dimensions, they can be brought into the system in any number of components. It is up to the customer to use for example four photovoltaic panels and two thermal panels or three photovoltaic panels and three thermal panels. A change of single panels is also practicable. Three functions will be included into the system: the generation of solar thermal power and electric power as well as the function as a window.

The technical target is a "plug and play - system" which can be supplied by standard components for solar thermal panels, photovoltaic panels and window components, which are fixed by the described standard frame.

From the economic point of view, the target is the development of the first standard solution for an "on-roof" system for upgrading old buildings and bringing them to an up-to-date energetic standard.

The new product is also designed and can be applied for house fronts to improve the power output of a building. This leads directly towards power generating buildings with a positive energy balance.

Expected results / conclusions

In Europe a period of high volume recovery programs for buildings with an age of 30 to 40 years can be faced at the moment. The new product is in a good position to be sold into this significantly growing market. Therefore, a competitive price, which will be a result of, now beginning, strong development activities, is required.

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