Energetic building refurbishment in protection zones

Standardized solutions as a help and guideline for building-owners, authorities and companies

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The (energetic) rehabilitation of the old stock plays an increasing part in energy political discussions. Yet its quality is behindhand in comparison to the quality of new buildings. This difference is even greater in more sensitive zones -- where many different optical features should be preserved (for either personal or legal reasons). Often, building owners planning to refurbish consciously renounce energetic improvements, expecting huge difficulties. The reasons for this vary, but concentrate, in our opinion, in the following points:

  • A deficit in knowledge and prejudices among building-owners, planners, authorities and executing companies,
  • missing or insufficiently specified technical solutions and
  • an increase in administrative effort - even before the project can be put into action

This is where this project starts: For those refurbishment projects we work on solutions and examples (in co-operation with authorities and experts in the conservation of historic monuments) which will disprove this turn of phrase in future.

The project therefore works on different levels and has the following aims:

  • describing previous hindrances to the energetic refurbishment in protection zones;
  • make known existing standardised examples for solutions and promote them (especially for windows and thermal bridges)
  • developing new technical solutions for specific problems in monument protected buildings (such as use of vacuum insulations or of special glazing);
  • ensuring the distribution of these examples in an example and requirements specification,
    - on one hand an information booklet for building-owners and planners,
    - on the other hand as a basis for the next project step:
  • the negotiation of guidelines or common requirements for an energetic refurbishment in protection zones in co-operation with the monument office
    (with the vision of gaining an easier approval procedure in compliance with these guidelines for energetic refurbishment)
  • the putting into action of both technical and procedure-oriented knowledge in actual pilot projects

The greatest obstacles concerning knowledge and procedures in energetic renovation in monument protected buildings should be reduced by this project. Difficulties are made transparent, standardised solutions are worked out and realised in initial concrete projects, in order to present typical solution examples for future renovations.

Project Partners

Project manager: Mag. Rainer Krismer
ENERGIE TIROL, Beratung - Forschung - Förderung
  • Stadt Innsbruck, Mag.Abt. IV, Gebäude-Instandhaltung
    Ing. Helmut Rofner
  • Stadt Hall in Tirol
    Michael Neuner
  • Cluster Tiroler Niedrigenergiehaus
  • Amt der Tiroler Landesregierung
    Dorferneuerung des Landes Tirol
  • Bundesdenkmalamt - Landeskonservatorat für Tirol
    DI Werner Jud


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