Einfach:wohnen, Phase Construction

Support for the erection of the demonstrative housing project consisting of 7 houses (5 Low energy houses, 1 passive house and 1 "next to passive house")

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The analysis of the 3 housing types (low energy house, passive house and "next to passive house") shall give more information on new innovative technologies in the praxis of dwelling housing and the interaction of man- technology- costs especially as regards social housing projects.

The following innovative components have been formulated, planned and tendered during Phase 1 of the project an shall be realized in the course of Phase 2:

  • Construction of two level dwellings in all three variants of construction.
  • Realisation of the special technologies with an extreme high amount of glazing to the south.
  • Application of blinds controlled by light and seasons.
  • Application of vacuum insulation for high insulation within thin dimensions of material.
  • Application of transparent insulation elements.
  • Application of elektrochrome glazings for automatical shading without service.
  • Application of heat revolving plumps with low consume of current.

In addition to this the following performances have been or will be done:

  • Simulation of the solar system (decentral system) und optimising with regard to the cooperation with the other technologies (Arsenal Research und ASIC).
  • CFD computational fluid dynamics- simulation of the two level dwelling with regard to ventilation (Arsenal Research).
  • Intensive sociological attention of the future inhabitants in order to increase the identification with the project and its ecological aim and technological components (Wohnbund Salzburg)
  • Information of the future inhabitants about their consumption of energy.

The project "simply:living, Phase construction "consists of all measures for the demonstration as well as preparations for the evaluation of the performed components and technologies. The transmission of know-how to the craftsmen and control at the construction site would be part of the project too. After all the decision for special instruments for the measuring and their installation and coordination are important parts of the Phase 2 of the project. The 7 houses and especially the passive house will make a contribution to the acceptance of low energy houses and passive houses by the inhabitants and especially the housing companies.

An essential part of the project is the information and motivation of the future inhabitants. They should be encouraged professionally to live actively in harmony with the project with the aim to increase the pleasure with the dwelling and reduce the consumption of energy.

The evaluation of the study should demonstrate, weather the calculated data or the reported merit will have been reached. The sociological studies should ascertain the acceptance and contentedness of the users so that recommendations for future projects can be deduced.

Project Partners

Projektleiter: Dir. Norbert Holzinger
EBS Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Linz

Dipl. Ing. Friedrich Mühling
Treberspurg & Partner

Dipl. Ing. Wilhelm Hofbauer


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