Development of the first legally compliant verification procedure for plus-energy buildings by a complete revision of the ÖNORMS

Within the project the current Austrian standards concerning building services and building physics have been revised and further developed to provide the designers with standardized calculation algorithms for the design of plus-energy buildings.

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Starting point / motivation

The aim was to develop the Austrian standards regarding housing technologies and building physics in order to provide a method for the calculation of plus-energy buildings.


Calculation methods for plus-energy buildings were developed first. Therefore existing methods were adapted and new ones developed. The development of calculation logarithms were realised using hygrothermal dynamic simulation of virtual buildings. Within that newest insights in the areas of housing technology and building physics were used and virtual building models completed.


In the new Austrian Energy Pass OIB 2011 primary engergy PEB, CO2 and overall energy efficiency were displayed using the factor fGEE. Methods for the calculation of Heat load, Cooling load and Overheating in summer are consistently and standardized provided. The standard ÖNORM B 8110-3:2012 03 15 - Prevention of overheating in summer has been published. Calculation methods for dynamic solar thermals, dynamic biomass vessel calculation and linked heatpump/earth calculation are present. The works on those calculation

methods have been documented to be able to display plus-energy buildings in the energy pass. On this basis the next publication of the standards to calculate parameters in the energy pass for housing and non-housing projects can be developed.

All mentioned calculation tools are summarized in a DEMO-TOOL see appendix of the German final report.

Project Partners

Project management

Dipl.-Ing. Robert Rosenberger
Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Geschäftsstelle Bau

Project or cooperation partner

  • Thomas Bednar, Simon Handler, Azra Korjenic, Markus Leeb
    TU Wien, Institut für Hochbau und Technologie
  • Helmut Schöberl, Radoslav Hanic, Richard Hofer
    Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
  • Karl Ponweiser, Heike Huber-Fauland
    TU Wien, Institut für Energietechnik und Thermodynamik
  • Christian Pöhn
    MA 39, Prüf-, Überwachungs- u. Zertifizierungsstelle der Stadt Wien
  • Alexander Storch, Siegmund Böhmer, Daniela Fischer, Michael Gössl, Werner Pölz, Hubert Reisinger
    Umweltbundesamt GmbH
  • Waldemar Wagner
    AEE - Institut für nachhaltige Technologien

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