Development of a new generation of grid-connected PV inverters

Improvement of operational parameters (efficiency, quality of current waveform, reduced size and weight) and reduction of manufacturing costs

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The market for photovoltaics (PV) has increased dramatically in the last few years. The direct conversion of sunlight into electrical energy undoubtedly has the potential to contribute substantially to world-wide electricity production in the middle and long term. Companies like Shell, BP, Siemens, Kyocery or Canon are therefore investing billions into research and development to secure their role within this future market.

Fronius started its activities in PV back in 1993. Within the last few years Fronius has become well known as a major player in the market for PV inverters. These power electronic devices convert direct current from solar panels into AC current used in everyday appliances. In the field of grid-connected inverters (which feed the sun´s energy directly into the public electricity grid without any storage batteries) in particular, Fronius has managed to become one of Europe's largest manufacturers.

The goal of the present research project is to further strengthen this position by developing a new generation of grid-connected PV inverters. It will be necessary to improve operational parameters (efficiency, quality of current waveform, reduced size and weight) and at the same time reduce manufacturing costs considerably in order to boost the competitiveness of photovoltaics. The size and power range of these products will be optimised for use in single- or multi-family houses.

By continuous technical improvement and cost reduction, photovoltaics will increase its competitiveness which should guarantee that growth rates remain in the 15 - 30% range. Fronius is determined to play an important role in this booming market.

Project Partners

Project manager: Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Panhuber
Fronius GmbH & Co KG

Dr. Karl Edelmoser
freelance consulant for power electronics

Mag. Art. Kristian Fenzl
Institut für Gestaltung, Kunst/Wissenschaft & Realisierung, Linz


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