CellPor - cellulose polymerized - new methods for the processing of a polymer-cellulose-foam according to ecological criteria in construction

The development of a spray applicable cellulose composite as insulating material on the basis of renewable resources, combined by the development of a prototype for the spray-on technology for processing the new, water free cellulose composite are the demanding challenges of this project.

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Using modern, highly efficient insulating materials prohibits thermal radiation and therefore safes energy. Especially renovating older buildings inheres great potential and exhibits market demands for new, efficient and first of all easy-to-use and even ecological insulating methods.

Main target in this project is the development of a cellulose compound based on thermoplastic hot melts (including biobased grades), which is waterfree and processable in spray-on technology as an on-site and factory solution for potential use as a biobased and sustainable insulation material in construction. The novel access to use thermoplastic hot melts in cellulose compounds gives new perspectives for cellulose in innovative Material for future insulation applications.

In this project first an intense screening period of different cellulose-hot melt systems will sort out a selection of potential candidates for the spray-on tests and for blowing-in tests (blowing cellulose into cavities) in new developed prototypes followed by a subsequent optimization of the recipes based on the spray-on and blowing-in tests. Finally a potential evaluation and practice tests of the cellulose-hot melt compound will give information about potential industrial interest and will give insight to future applications.

Project line:

  • Evaluation of the state of the art and patent situation
  • Material development and modification according to the specifications of the partners
  • Process development of a prototype for spray technology and blowing-in technology
  • Detect new processing technologies; potential evaluation and practice tests

Within the project hot melt adhesives were selected, that are suitable for different applications with cellulose fibres. Different spraying nozzles were tested, whereat it was found, that a vertical application of water free processed cellulose is impossible due to the low cohesiveness of the cellulose-adhesive-composite. Several experiments were done where cellulose-adhesive-composite was blown into horizontal cavities. The gained conclusions can be used and adopted in different applications from the project partners working in the cellulose industry. Near the end of the project a professional lead workshop was held to find new ways for processing cellulose as insulating material. The team consisted of experts and uninvolved members to gain new ideas from different perspectives. Some of the ideas were already tested and will be further developed after the project to advance the potential of cellulose fibres as an insulating material.

Project Partners

Project management

DI Volker Reisecker
Transfercenter für Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Project or cooperation partner

  • Zellulosedämmstoffproduktion CPH Beteiligungs GmbH & Co KG
  • Hammerschmid Maschinenbau GmbH

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