Can sustainable building be realized at reasonable costs?

At the development "residential Passive House Utendorfgasse" were reached very low building costs. Would there be different building costs by using ecological materials and technologies? There will be calculated additional and reduced costs by using the ecological building-catalogue and internal characteristic values of projects that are similar in design.

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The residential Passive House Utendorfgasse 7 was developed as a social housing building with very low building costs. Although the primary intention was to build the first Austrian accredited social housing building, it was possible to achieve a very ecological overall project.

Two different sets of criteria served to assess ecological design: the klima:aktiv-criteria catalogue and the ecological component catalogue edited by the IBO - Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building.

The klima:aktiv-certification, audited by the Austrian Institute of Ecology, had as a result that the residential building "Utendorfgasse" did not only meet demands of the klima:aktiv-Passive House criteria, but also achieved as first solid structure the maximum score of 1000 points, although not all possible criteria could be met. To assess that potential for improvement by the economic point of view, the not awarded criteria were analysed concerning their effect on the klima:aktiv-certification and were also evaluated monetarily.

In addition to the klima:aktiv-criteria catalogue selected ecological measures from the ecological component catalogue issued by the IBO Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building were analysed concerning their influence on building costs of the project "Utendorfgasse".

Subsumed there can be said, the financial efforts to achieve the few not awarded criteria are very different. So the conclusion is to distinguish the necessary and insignificant criteria in time but in any case during the planning stage and before the invitation to tenders. From the economic point of view the indicator "Euro per point of the klima:aktiv-criteria" can help to come to a decision.

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