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In the project "Building of Tomorrow" in the media press releases and other information on projects of the research programme "building of tomorrow" were passed on to journalists. Journalists from broadcast, television, print and online media were achieved, which is visible by more than 340 reports. Most journalists were Austrian, but also media representatives from other European countries, from China und from the United States wanted to get information on the programme.

Project results have been edited for the press, e.g. as press releases, in addition direct contacts between respective project manager and journalists were coordinated, photos, info graphics etc. have been organized.

The "building of tomorrow" press area has been looked after, therefore a lot of information and pictures are available now. Information and photos could also be used in other publications, e.g. in the brochure "energy efficient buildings in the alps".

Several press conferences as well as some press trips with journalists to "building of tomorrow" projects were organized. Journalists could also stay for a night in passive houses.

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