Bluetooth home control system

Purpose of this project was to realise a wireless intelligent home, that can be radio controlled from each bluetooth compatible mobile (2 mrd in curculation all over around the world). Entrence, security and also to control electrical devices where the cornerstones of this project.

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The time in which owners of the house or the flat satisfied with simply home electronics is bygone. People become more and more sophisticated regarding the control of their home electronics. This development was watching narrowly by SOREX Wireless Solutions GmbH in Wiener Neustadt and 2003 preparations were made in order to meet the high customer's expectations. We wanted to develop a solution offering to the customer comfort at a highest level within the ranges of security, access technology as well control of all electrical devices. A kind of "intelligent home" should be created. The special feature at this solution is, beside a multiplicity of never before seen functions the fact that every Bluetooth compatible mobile phone (and there are 2 billions worldwide available) is able to serve by remote control.

Beginning of 2006 the preparations were finalized and with the support of the Research and Society for Advancement a project was started. Since this project had a very large extent, and in order to be able to control the progress of this project milestones were defined. As the main areas were defined security, access technology as well wireless controlling of electrical devices.

The control of the electrical devices had the intention to create a wireless home control system. SOREX Bluetooth actors putting behind the power outlet, sunblind drivers or diverse lamps should composed the control units. They are able to be activate either by radio switcher, Bluetooth mobile phone, PC or PDA.

Consequently it is possible to control all electrical devices via mobile phone sitting on the sofa comfortable. Furthermore it is possible to adjust and to control light scenarios via PC but also the existing switcher and power outlets can be made bluetoothable by Sorex Modules and integrated in this system.

All cables between switcher and device can be omitted. This leads to a substantial reduction of costs and in case of changes the whole brickwork does not have to be broken open. It will do, to install a SOREX Module behind a light and to the belonging switcher in each case. The control can be effected wireless. The Modules were developed in such a way that existing house electronics can be used. The size of the Module fits in every customary electrical outlet and can be used with the switcher respective electrical outlet programmes. This measure should make the system interesting for both renovations and extension of existing installations.

Following milestones have been defined regarding the control of electrical devices within the project:

  • Bluetooth Radio Scanner, Switcher ( single, double input)
  • Bluetooth Repeater
  • Bluetooth Radio Actor (single, double output )
  • Bluetooth Radio Dimmer (single, double output)
  • Bluetooth Engine Control for sunblinds and awnings
  • Bluetooth Temperature or Moistnes Sensor
  • Bluetooth Time Relay

This system was intended to make every Bluetooth compatible device e.g mobile phone or PDA a high secure key. It can find the use e.g. in doors, garden doors but also in garage gates.

Beside the mentioned devices no additional tools are necessary in order to open the door.

Functionality of the Bluetooth Access System:

A Bluetooth server which is linked to an electrical door system searches constantly Bluetooth devices within range. This range can vary in distance (from 1 to 12 Meter) optional. When a device is being found a security inquiry is taking place. The Bluetooth server checks whether the mobile phone or the PDA is registered in the list stored in the head office and whether the user is access entitled for the respective section. Authorizations can be changed easily and quickly in the head office data bank. The terminal requires no installations or changes. Every mobile phone can be used like a key from the packing directly. Whether the door shall be opened at approach or by entering a code it is at customer's option, this can be adjusted accordingly. This security system connects all adventages of existing wireless alarm systems and is completed by Bluetooth security aspects. Via Bluetooth a bidirectional connection can be realized which is very important for alarm systems. That implies that the receiver confirms every receipt of signals. In this way no "blind" signals can be sent. Further more Bluetooth is using a frequency hopping, that means, during the Bluetooth communication 1600 "hops/sec" are taking place. This desensitizes the communication against disturbances and bug proof.

Besides the redundant radio networks (invisible intercommunication of all warning devices) which enables to avoid all disturbances, the 128 bit keycoding offers security at the highest level. These three main categories are working as an unity.This is only one sample how the customer can the SOREX System to create individually.

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