baubookPlus - Expansion of an extensive knowledge database of sustainable buildings

By the foundation of the baubook GmbH in 2008 the two databases of building products "öbox" and "" have been merged. The new database baubook was expanded. Essential functions (central product declaration, decentral quality management) and fields of products were added.

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The foundation of the baubook GmbH in autumn 2008 gives the prospect of a unification of the two most important Austrian databases for building products "öbox" and "". The data sets of baubook shall deliver a valuable basis for life cycle analyses of buildings, with special importance for Plus-Energy Buildings.

Within the project 'baubookPlus', functionalities of the united database baubook were extended and data were added as follows:

  • LCA reference data for HVAC (WP1): LCA reference data set for building materials will be extended to include data for HVAC. The dataset shall provide a basis for the assessment and optimisation of buildings over their life cycle. The data are published on baubook und via the LCA-software Ecosoft, which shall serve as an evaluation tool.
  • Centralised product declaration (WP2): A new, easily adaptable database-structure has been developed in order to merge the two former database. Product data from the former databases were transferred to the new structure in large part.
  • Decentralising declaration assistance and quality assurance (WP3): To ensure easy access to the new system for several relevant Austrian actors, web-based application assistance and quality assurance were improved. Energie Tirol is the first external organization, which has taken over declaration assistance and quality assurance for biomass boiler.
  • Product declaration and quality criteria for biomass boilers (WP4): The range of products in baubook will be extended to include data for biomass boilers. The data are especially useful and available for the housing subsidy schemes of the provinces (e.g. Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Tyrol).


  • WP1: Literature research and mass balances for estimating the LCA-reference data for HVAC; cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040 and 14044; specifications for and software application in the evaluation tool Ecosoft.
  • WP2: systematic analysis and software application in baubook.
  • WP3: redefinition of the authorisation and user systems; software application in baubook
  • WP4: research work and definition of criteria, bench marks, key figures and other product attributes for biomass boilers; software application in baubook.

The results are already described in the content of the work packages above. All results have been implemented in the database baubook. Additionally ecosoft is provided as an evaluation tool.

The reference data for HVAC will be updated regularly.

Project Partners

Project management

DI Dr. Bernhard Lipp
Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie

Project collaborator

Mag. Hildegund Mötzl

Project or cooperation partner

  • Diplom Geoökologin Nicole Sperzel
    Energieintstitut Vorarlberg
  • DI Robert Traunmüller
    Energie Tirol

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