ArcheNEO - an energy-autonomous office park in Kitzbühel

ArcheNEO is a highly energy efficient office park, that produces more energy than it needs. It features an integrated energy concept that saves energy, uses renewable energies in combination with electric mobility and batteries as electricity storage and manages energy and was planned and built in Kitzbühel Oberndorf. The demonstration object will be multiplied and exported.

Short Description




Starting point / motivation

The future orientated energy autonomous office park ArcheNEO close to Kitzbühel has been developed as an integrated ecological project from the very beginning. The main target is a concept which produces more energy than it needs. The produced energy comes from local renewable energy sources and is combined with batteries in case of need.

Contents and Objectives

The energy production of the ArcheNEO with 6.500 m2 office space is higher than the yearly consumption. The plus of the produced energy is used for electric vehicles. The forecast of consumption per year is 209.000 kWh, the predicted production of energy is 226.750 kWh. The difference is equivalent to 100.000 km driving with electric cars.
The goal is to achieve a building with no need of external energy and no CO2 emissions. This is realised without any loss of comfort for the users and is multiplicable at every other place worldwide.

The building is made of local wood which was moon cutted on special days of the year. The timber construction is without any glue and chemicals. The full amount of wood, which is needed for the whole building, grows again in 42 minutes in the Austrian forests.


The development of the building is a concept which includes all parts of the construction, especially with a focus of architectual integration of renewable energies.


The office park Arche Neo has been operating since Dec 2010. The most of the building equipments and appliances are installed. The photovoltaics, with tracking system, is delivering first good results. The experiance of cooling the business-park is, that 100% of the cooling-energy in summer 2011 and 2012 was produced without CO2-emissions from the borehole heat exchangers in the ground.


Project Partners

Project management

ArcheNEO GmbH & Co KG

Project or cooperation partners

  • Dr. Wendling & Partner (financing, legal aspects and permissions, sales)
    Dr. Horst Wendling
  • Kernprojekt (design, concept, calculation and technical aspects)
    DI Mathias Kern
  • Ingenieurbüro DI Harald Dummer

Contact Address

ArcheNEO GmbH & Co KG
Obere Gänsbachgasse 7
Tel.: +43 5356 603