Active transfer from "Building of tomorrow" Know How to the network "partner network sustainable construction Charinthia, nabaupool Charinthia"

Knowledge transfer from "Building of tomorrow" projects into the network "partner network sustainable construction Charinthia, nabaupool Charinthia" consisting of key actors of the building sector. Establishing a "Building of tomorrow" knowledge transfer centre Charinthia including infrastructure (Library) for all actors of the building sector. Conference and workshop with key actors (24.11.2006) taking place in Technologiepark Villach.

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Within the agenda of "Building of tomorrow" 156 projects have been promoted, 84 of these projects are completed (Status 2006). Results are tools, realised building projects and huge amounts of collected and produced data and information are available. The objective of the present project is knowledge transfer from "Building of tomorrow" projects (results and guiding idea) into the network "partner network sustainable construction Charinthia, nabaupool Charinthia" which members are key actors in building construction (all branches), design (architects, engineers), building promoter, producers of building materials, administration, stakeholder, and institutions of education.

The establishment of the "Building of tomorrow Focal Centre South" in the form of a library including personal service enables future knowledge transfer longer than the project duration. The library of the Focal Centre comprises all final reports and publications of the "Building of tomorrow" projects realized so far (Status 2006) and is available for free to study in the office rooms of RMA for all who are interested. The Focal Centre South represents a contact point for persons from the Austrian federal state of Charinthia interested in "Building of tomorrow"- projects and especially for small and medium sized business companies it becomes an information centre for "Building of tomorrow" activities (dissemination of information, support for scientific proposals). Public gets information via newspapers. This contributed to the market diffusion of the idea of the sustainable building in the everyday building practice. Furthermore, two appointments for the project "Building of tomorrow on the road" were made.

On 24th November 2006, the 2nd Sustainable Building Symposium (about 130 participants) took place in Technologiepark Villach in Charinthia, at which selected participants of project "Building of tomorrow" presented their project results to actors who are involved in implementation of sustainable building into practice. The results of the symposium were documented in the proceedings.

The core issues for the presentation contents of the Building Symposium could be identified by elicitation using questionnaire. The program was divided into 2 main parts. In the part 1, successful realized building projects (new development and reconstruction) from the whole Austrian federal territory were presented to the participants. Thereby, it was dealt with aspects of sustainability, energy efficiency, building ecology, marketing, cost and planning details. In the part 2, the choice of building materials in respect of environmental protection, health prevention and indoor air quality was picked out as a central theme.

The 2nd Sustainable Building Symposium and the opening of the "Building of tomorrow Focal Centre South" were used to encourage the communication and the exchange of knowledges between the actors from R&D and those with practical experience. The foundation for future projects between the participants from Research and Development, and Small and Medium-Sized Businesses was layed. Some project ideas could be already concretized. In the 5th announcement of the program line "Building of tomorrow", 3 project application from the Austrian federal state Carinthia were successful presented, which origin can be traced back to the 2nd Sustainable Building Symposium.

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